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An example of welters’ mausolea, sarcophagi and burial chambers
An example of welters’ mausolea, sarcophagi and burial chambers

welters organisation introduced the concept of single cast burial chambers, mausolea cells and memorial housings to the industry over 30 years ago and the company continues to design, manufacture, supply and install these facilities nationwide. By operating its own manufacturing facility, the company avoids using third party concrete producers or subcontractors and it also employs dedicated site installation teams to ensure unrivalled service delivery.  welters® are presently installing new community mausolea, sarcophagi and burial chambers for a large Midlands based Authority. The installation forms part of a long standing provision of interment facilities carried out over many years, serving both Christian and Muslim communities.

As part of their design and innovation ethos, welters® are currently developing a new baby and infant niche memorial product, designed to reduce the need for ‘shrine building’ that so commonly afflicts many children’s interment areas.  It is a sensitive issue that so often descends into conflict between the Burial Authority and bereaved parents and this new product is designed to help meet the needs of both parties.

Please contact us admin@welters-worldwide.com for further information.

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