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welters October Company News

welters® are the Originators of Economic Development for Burial Authorities across the country and have supported and advised members, and developed new ideas for the industry, for over 30 years.

The company are nearing completion of an important cemetery development project which involves the use of previously unusable land within an extremely valuable resource once re-presented.

The impetus for this current development follows the successful delivery of similar schemes by welters®, thus creating potentially major, if not the major revenue earning income generation.

In similar mode, a development has been completed utilising hand crafted ‘standing stones’ installed within a Neolithic styled mounded area.    The company’s proprietary stone memorial orbs have been produced in complimentary material, evoking ancient history.

Over its many years in the industry, welters®has tirelessly promoted and educated Cemetery and Crematorium Management in the benefits of their products and services.  As a result, burial chambers and mausolea are now established as a standard service across the UK which welters®back with all support services to selected customers.

The welters® brand remains at the vanguard of design and innovation despite hazardous attempts by others to replicate their products and services.As a result, orders are increasing year on year, enabling further investment in manufacturing facilities and future expansion.

The company is also seeking to increase both production and site staff and would welcome enquiries from interested parties.

Please contact for further information.

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Career Opportunites

welters® are seeking motivated and enthusiastic people to join their expanding organisation. Opportunities are being created across all departments with full, part time and freelance positions now available covering all aspects of activities from administration and sales, to technical, design, marketing and consultative posts as well as factory based production and development work and peripatetic … Continue reading “Career Opportunites”

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welters July Company News

The popularity of welters® proprietary Stone Memorial Orbs continues with additional interests from multiple Burial Authorities. The unique aspect of the orbs enables them to be offered in situ as a facility for cremated remains interment, with the option to renew or be removed by the family at the end of the leased term.  This … Continue reading “welters July Company News”

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