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The Liberal Democrats' £6bn pledge to strengthen the welfare system

Conservative austerity has left a fifth of UK citizens in poverty, unable to afford even the most basic essentials.

Since 2015, the Tories have bungled the roll-out of Universal Credit, made brutal cuts to benefits and introduced their senseless two-child limit that is fuelling child poverty. 

By fixing our broken welfare system, we can...Read More »

The Tories’ Health Record Is Shameful

This week NHS England released statistics on the NHS’s key performance measures – and they are abysmal.

Almost 1 in 5 patients attending A&E in England were not treated or admitted within four hours. This is the worst performance ever recorded since the target was introduced in 2004.

Meanwhile, just 76.9% of...Read More »

Are you registered to vote?


The election campaign has started in earnest, and we’re delighted about how it’s going.

Jo Swinson has introduced herself to the country as a potential Prime Minister.

We’ve released our ambitious plan to change Britain for the better, and ensure a brighter future for all.

We’ve even put Jo on the side of...Read More »

Lib Dem President Sal Brinton’s Message for Trans Awareness Week

Hate crimes against trans people have gone up by 81% in the UK.

This Transgender Awareness Week, we must reflect on how much further we must go.

The profile of trans issues is higher than it ever has been, yet we are no closer to trans people being treated as equals.

Our...Read More »

Stop Brexit & fight the climate crisis

It was a pleasure to be in Leeds today to give my keynote speech as Lib Dem Shadow Chancellor. 

Things need to change. Too many people can’t live a secure, happy and fulfilling life. And too many businesses face crippling uncertainty over their future. 

The economic debate in this election has been...Read More »

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