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We cannot miss the opportunity to end the transmission of HIV by 2030

This World AIDs Day we have the opportunity to set ourselves an ambitious but achievable target: to end the transmission of HIV in England by 2030. Published today, the HIV Commission has outlined 20 measures necessary to achieve this worthy goal.

As Liberal Democrats we have a responsibility to help make...Read More »

The new COVID tier system is confused and chaotic

The country is desperate to get life back to normal, particularly given how much has already been sacrificed.

Time and time again, the Government has squandered the sacrifices the British people have made.

But time and time again, the Government has squandered the sacrifices the British people have made through Ministers’...Read More »

Happy Gurpurab

Today marks Guru Nanak’s Gurpurab, which commemorates the birth of the founder of the Sikh faith, Guru Nanak.

Guru Nanak was a significant figure: his message of acceptance, compassion and community remains relevant even today.

I have seen these values put into action by British Sikhs, be it through the practice of...Read More »

Liberal Democrats are the winners from 2020's council by-elections

The Liberal Democrat gain this week in Scotland was part of the final contests of the year. Which means we can also tally up the net score for each party during 2020. It’s the Lib Dems who come out on top:

  • Liberal Democrats: net 4 seats gained
  • SNP: net 1 seat lost
  • Labour:...Read More »

Child hunger cannot continue to be ignored

The coronavirus crisis has shone a new spotlight on the issue of child hunger, with demand for food banks soaring and almost a fifth of households with children unable to access enough food in the first weeks of lockdown.

The Government has repeatedly overlooked the needs of children from low-income...Read More »

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