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Small businesses are on the brink and the Chancellor must do more

At a time when millions of small businesses are struggling to survive, to offer them just £5 billion would be an insult.

We need to see a budget with a bold and ambitious compensation package

From beauticians to builders, florists to café owners – the small businesses in our communities are...Read More »

10 reasons the world needs liberals

25 years ago our former leader Paddy Ashdown laid out the stakes for Britain’s position in the world:

Britain’s role as the bulwark against tyranny in two wars this century was not a product of isolationism. It was the natural response of a nation used to engaging in the...Read More »

What is LGBT+ History Month and Why Does it matter?

Just like with Black History Month (October) or Disability History Month (which runs from November into December), it’s typically filled with events (check ours out here) and discussion. LGBT+ History Month reminds us of the progress we’ve made, but also warns us about the injustices that we have only...Read More »

We must give carers a break

During this pandemic, millions of people have stepped up heroically to look after elderly, disabled and vulnerable people.

Most carers are simply exhausted during coronavirus. Most haven’t had a single break since the pandemic began.

A recent survey by Carers UK found that 81% of carers are spending more time on...Read More »

Chinese New Year: Year of the Ox

For all of us, 2020 was a difficult year; some of us touched by death and many by loss of income, wellbeing and self-worth. So much has changed, and yet not changed.

Those of us with memories of SARS watched in concern at the British Government late and botched efforts to...Read More »

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