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January 2023 Tabloid Printing

The Campaigns & Elections Team are here to help you with all year round template campaign materials – for you to adapt and deliver in your local area.

Our January 2023 template is a tabloid style newspaper.

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Conservatives' Cost of Chaos Budget

After crashing the economy and sending mortgage bills spiralling, the government is now inflicting eye-watering tax hikes and real-terms cuts to our public services.

This is the cost of chaos budget. Everyone is being forced to pay the price for this Conservative government’s incompetence. The country shouldn’t be forced to clean up...Read More »

Abolish Ofwat and stop the sewage dumping

The sheer quantity of raw sewage being dumped into Britain’s rivers and coastal areas is a scandal and a disgrace.

Everyone should be able to enjoy the wonderful natural beauties our country has to offer, with open green spaces and blue rivers. But the Conservatives are neglecting our natural environment and...Read More »

The Conservative Property Penalty

The British people are suffering terribly because of the chaos of this Conservative Government.

People will be paying twice as much to heat their homes this winter as they did last year. Food prices are soaring. The country is in the grip of a cost-of-living crisis.

And now, thanks to the Conservatives’...Read More »

A new right to see your GP within 7 days

Far too many people are struggling to get a GP appointment when they need one, leaving them waiting anxiously for the care they deserve.

In September alone, 8.9 million GP appointments involved a wait of more than a week, with 5 million waiting longer than the Government’s own target of two...Read More »

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