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Leaseholders are suffering due to Conservative inaction on cladding

We all remember seeing the horrific scenes of the burning tower at Grenfell on the news over four years ago.

The tragic loss of 72 lives was a dark moment for our country and the cladding scandal that emerged emboldened me to stand up for the rights of all those living...Read More »

Getting support when you need it

Being involved in politics should be fun and rewarding. But it can be stressful and at times any of us may need to turn to others for help or support.

Often that support can best come from colleagues in your local party or a party body you are active in. But...Read More »

July's Federal Conference Committee Report

Federal Conference Committee met via Zoom call on Saturday, 10 July for the agenda selection for our Autumn Conference 2021. The meeting was a lengthy one, which was in part due to the large selection of motions received. 

A few announcements before the report; as you may...Read More »

Our political opportunity

Our political opportunity

Sarah Green’s brilliant victory in Chesham and Amersham shows the huge political opportunity for us – as long as we can continue to apply the lessons from our 2019 election post-mortem.

As part of this, a trio of motions have been submitted for our autumn federal conference. One is...Read More »

Opposing the Protest Crackdown Law

As you may have noticed, this Conservative Government doesn’t like to be challenged.

Just look at how angry and red-faced Boris Johnson gets at Prime Minister’s Questions every week. Just listen to how often Ministers rail against lawyers and the courts, because judges sometimes rule against them....Read More »

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