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My letter to Theresa May

Last Tuesday night Theresa May lost the vote on her Brexit deal by 432 votes to 202. It’s the biggest defeat by a Prime Minister in Commons history.

The next day, Jeremy Corbyn called a no-confidence vote in the Government. It failed.

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Sal Speaks: January 2019


What times we live in. The SODEM team led by Steve have been outside my office with their cries of “Stop Brexit!” for the last two and a half years and earlier this week we came closer to doing that very thing. The vote was the biggest loss by a...Read More »

Jeremy, it's time to stop playing political games

All 11 Lib Dem MPs voted against this shambolic Conservative Government in last night’s vote of no confidence.

In the aftermath, Theresa May invited me to discuss the next steps. I accepted, but in our discussion, I was clear.

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Theresa May's Brexit deal just got rejected

Theresa May’s Brexit deal just lost in the Commons by 230 votes. This is huge – she’s failed to convince her party, failed to convince Parliament and failed in her attempt to scaremonger MPs into backing her. It’s the biggest loss in the Commons by a Government – ever.

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3 Big Parliament Wins

The media’s been laser focused on Theresa May’s sinking Brexit deal. But today, 3 crucial bills have gone through the Lords, with significant Lib Dem input. We’re fighting to:

  • Protect the privacy of people who wear skirts
  • Outlaw exploitative letting fees
  • Allow people to go about their lives without the Government butting in

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