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Welters Orbs & Boulders

Made in Britain and manufactured using locally sourced, environmentally sympathetic materials. They can transform any landscape, be it woodland walkways, private gardens or curtilages, along the banks of a stream or as use as sea and flood defences. The suitable locations and uses are endless. The orbs have a cavity which can be used to inter cremated remains or to house keepsakes. Or simply used as a memorial or marker. They are faced with a tablet manufactured from a selection of materials and can be inscribed for prosperity. Adding to the range is the imminent release of the Burr Orb System – transforming manufacturing reuse with resolve to global environmental solutions.

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Made in Britain

Some say time now for change – is this an obvious joke? We have been shouting advocacy for the last 30 years over the British essential need to utilise all native and national resource in the ingenious use and encouragement of resource culture in opposition to the sloppy desire to require and use imported product … Continue reading “Made in Britain”

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Ellery Hill

On the windswept Ellery Hill, a Borderland aligned with lands upon which the English and Scots transgressed for many a year, the Spring splendour of the enticing sunshine last weekend temporarily overcame the demoralising emissions of political events and medical catastrophes with Nature’s power and overwhelming supremacy, showing us all Hope for the future. Sheltering in … Continue reading “Ellery Hill”

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