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Setting the world’s most ambitious climate change targets

Scotland has long been recognised as punching above its weight on tackling climate change and I am proud that the introduction of our new Climate Change Bill this week strengthens our global leadership.


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Achieving our full potential as an independent nation

The Sustainable Growth Commission has published its comprehensive report for Scotland’s future economic success.


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Week in review

This week’s round-up includes news of greater public awareness of human trafficking in Scotland, the latest independent assurance on police call-handling improvements, and the appointment of a new independent inspector for the country’s prisons.

Growing public awareness of human trafficking

A survey published this week highlighted growing public awareness of human trafficking...Read More »

German car manufacturers response to US tariff threat boosts UK Brexit position

Following Donald Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on European car exports to the US Christopher Mills, the UKIP business spokesman has pointed out the positive impact on the UK’s negotiating position over Brexit.

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News story: Chemical Weapons Demilitarisation Conference 2018

Speaking at the 21st annual Chemical Weapons Demilitarisation Conference in London, Defence Minister Lord Howe commended the vital work of scientific and technical experts to make the world safe from chemical weapons, while acknowledging the shocking events of the past year, including the use of a chemical weapon in...Read More »

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