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News story: Health and Social Care Secretary bans pagers from the NHS

NHS trusts will be required to phase out pagers by the end of 2021. All hospitals will be expected to have plans and infrastructure in place to ensure this is possible by the end of September 2020.

Staff will instead use modern alternatives, such as mobile phones and apps. These can...Read More »

News story: RAF Typhoons use Brimstone capability for the first time

Strikes have decreased in regularity this month, with the terrorists confined to a tiny enclave of territory where there is a significant number of civilians, who are being transported to safety by Syrian Democratic Forces.

However, a Typhoon was deployed to the River Euphrates on 19 February, where a boat used...Read More »

News story: RAF Typhoons use Brimstone capability for the first time

The Royal Air Force’s Brimstone missile capability has been deployed from a Typhoon jet for the first time, in the fight against Daesh.

...Read More »

Supporter scheme

Following extensive consultation within the party, the Federal Board asked the Federal People Development Committee to develop a formal scheme for registered supporters.  This is in keeping with the Party’s agreed strategy to create a political and social movement and forms part of proposals to open up our structures which...Read More »

News story: Fashion industry unites to tackle slavery and trafficking in supply chains

Ahead of Paris Fashion Week, the minister spoke at the Paris Supply Chains Conference today (Friday 22 February), where representatives from governments, the fashion industry, textiles and civil society came together to discuss measures businesses should take to eradicate modern slavery and trafficking in their supply chains.

The minister highlighted how...Read More »

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