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Only Greens have plan to give nature a voice

Responding to today’s Restore Nature Now march in London, co-leader of the Green Party Carla Denyer said:   

“The march in London today, calling on politicians to prioritise nature...Read More »

The Supreme Court sets an energy policy

The Supreme Court judgement which says anyone wishing to extract oil and gas in the U.K. or any licensing or planning authority wishing to let them has to consider the CO 2 burning those fuels is a bad call.

The truth is this country is going to need large amounts of...Read More »

This website

As the title page makes clear this is the John Redwood website.

It is not a Conservative or election website. I am not a candidate in the election and no longer have any formal role in the Conservative party.

My aim  is to contribute independent and original analysis of economic and...Read More »

The Bank of England insists on getting it wrong

Headline inflation has come down to 2%. The European Central Bank has made its first cut in interest rates. Suspicious Conservatives think the Bank wanted to deny them a rate cut before the election , to offer up an introductory one in August to the new Labour government all the...Read More »

Green policies are a breath of fresh air: Party commits to a Clean Air Act on Clean Air Day 

To mark Clean Air Day the Green Party has committed to introducing a Clean Air Act as part of their manifesto commitments, which would set new air quality standards for the UK and enshrine the right to breathe clean air in law.  

Greens point to a host of transport policies that...Read More »

Just one billion more

If putting more money into the NHS solved its problems we should see much reduced difficulties now. Record amounts and large increases in cash have been provided since 2019.

The truth as Labour acknowledges is you need reform, improvement in how it is spent, as well as extra money.

In this election...Read More »

Green Party Calls for action to end HIV transmissions by 2030 

The Green Party is calling for the next government to save money and save lives by:

  • Making the HIV prevention pill (“PrEP”) available beyond specialist sexual health services, such as in GP services and pharmacies
  • Continuing successful HIV testing programmes in A&E hospitals in areas of high HIV prevalence including London, Manchester,...Read More »

Posting to this site

A few people are going in for more and longer contributions. I am going to start deleting some for length and multiple posting.

Some want to make comparisons with Hitler  and Nazis. This is usually inappropriate. Make points using proportionate language,

One wannabe poster every day submits a variant of the same...Read More »

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