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UK and Egypt sign Association Agreement

The British Ambassador to Egypt, Sir Geoffrey Adams, today signed an agreement with Egypt’s Assistant Foreign Minister for Europe, Badr Abdelatty to strengthen political and trade ties between the two countries.

The agreement will allow British businesses and consumers to benefit from continued preferential access to the market after the end...Read More »

£3.9 million to drive innovative tree planting

A cash boost of nearly £4 million to plant more trees up and down the country has been announced by the government today (5 December). This will see hundreds of thousands of new trees planted, including in towns and cities and near rivers to reduce flood risk, and help meet...Read More »

JETS fuels support for more than 40,000 jobseekers

In its first fifty days, Work Coaches across the country have acted quickly to deliver the additional support, signposting tens of thousands of Universal Credit and New Style Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA) claimants to the programme – providing job hunters with the boost they need to return to employment.

Targeting those...Read More »

Biomining study could unlock future settlements on other worlds

Experiments on the International Space Station have shown that the process of “biomining” will work in microgravity; a discovery that could help the first space settlers gather the minerals they need to build a long-term presence beyond Earth.

The BioAsteroid experiment will take up match-box sized containers carrying asteroid rock, that...Read More »

A new farming policy

One of the big wins from Brexit should be a new farming policy. The Common Agricultural Policy has not been kind to UK farmers. Market share in temperate food products has shrunk badly during our time in the EU, whilst cheaper products from non EU sources have been kept out...Read More »

Over half a million people taking part in pioneering COVID-19 research

  • Over half a million people across the UK have taken part in COVID-19 research
  • Participation has allowed UK-led research to deliver the world’s first effective COVID-19 treatments
  • 4 COVID-19 vaccine trials are currently underway across the UK due to ground-breaking participant recruitment

The UK is on the front foot of its commitment to...Read More »

New chair to lead task force on sustainable farming of peatlands

Robert Caudwell has been announced as the Chair of the Lowland Agricultural Peat Task Force – a group tasked with improving the condition of England’s farmed lowland peat.

Robert, who currently chairs the Association of Drainage Authorities (ADA), will explore how lowland agricultural peatlands can be better managed to safeguard productive...Read More »

Seeking a deeper and broader partnership between the United Nations and African Union

Thank you, Your Excellency, and my thanks also to Secretary-General Guterres and Chairperson Faki for their informative briefings as part of this important debate.

As the UK’s Minister for Africa, I am keen to work closely with the African Union and this is a personal priority for me. In fact, I...Read More »

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