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Press release: Plans to strengthen protections for Britain's most valuable treasures at risk of export

New protections to prevent some of the nation’s greatest treasures from being lost to overseas buyers have been outlined by the Government today.

The proposals, set out in a new public consultation, would introduce a formal, legally binding agreement with private sellers, instead of the current ‘gentleman’s agreement’, and give museums...Read More »

Speech: Investigating crimes and seeking justice for victims in Darfur

Thank you Mr President.

Firstly, I would like to thank the Prosecutor for her 28th report on the situation in Darfur and for her briefing today. I would also like to commend the hard work that she and her staff have undertaken in relation to this investigation and their commitment to...Read More »

Speech: Steps towards peace in Yemen

Thank you very much indeed Mr President and welcome to the new Yemeni Representative here.

This is a good day for all of Yemen. I want to congratulate, commend Martin and his team for the work that they have done to bring about these developments. But as Martin himself said we...Read More »

Chaos and Crisis

Brexit is a national embarrassment

Brexit is a national embarrassment. The events of the last few weeks have proven that the government is in absolute chaos.

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...Read More »

Speech: Speech by Minister for Asia and the Pacific: disinformation - democracy and social stability at risk?

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, it is a pleasure to welcome you to Westminster – not just the heart of my Parliamentary Constituency, but also the beating heart of political life here in the United Kingdom.

Some might say that heart has been having some palpitations of late: I’ll come back...Read More »

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