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Speech: We may be losing the fight against famine in Yemen

Thank you very much indeed Madam President and thank you to you for scheduling this important briefing today.

Thank you to the Under-Secretary-General, and to pick up one of your points, Mark thank you very much for everything your work has to do on the ground but also all the other...Read More »

Press release: Record £15.6 million underpayment identified for workers on the minimum wage

  • Record £15.6 million of underpayment identified for more than 200,000 workers
  • Employers fined unprecedented £14 million for not meeting legal obligations
  • More than 600 employers named in 2017/18 as part of ‘naming’ rounds
  • Ramped up efforts by HMRC to crackdown on underpayment and boost compliance

Her Majesty’s Revenue and...Read More »

Press release: £500,000 awarded to organisations helping to tackle causes of the gender pay gap

Five organisations in England have been awarded £489,050 from a new government start-up fund to help people who have taken lengthy career breaks to care for others get back into work, the Minister for Women Victoria Atkins announced today (22 September).

In the UK, nine out of ten potential returners are...Read More »

Desperate displays of deluded defiance will only end in disaster

The more Theresa May tries to sound defiant, the more desperate she seems.

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News story: Government announces definition for cannabis-based products for medicinal use

The government has announced that cannabis-based products for medicinal use will be available for specialist doctors to prescribe legally and today sets out which product categories the law-change covers.

The Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, committed in July to swift action on behalf of those whose medical conditions could potentially be...Read More »

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