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Speech: Latest rocket attacks in Israel, humanitarian situation in Gaza and the status of the Golan Heights

Thank you very much indeed, Mr President, and like our German colleague, I’ll try to be brief because I think there has been a lot of common themes across the Council today. And while I share people’s dismay that so many of these issues come back to us repeatedly, I...Read More »

News story: Lord Duncan visits Stirling innovators leading the way in responding to an ageing society

Last week [Friday 22 March] Lord Duncan had the opportunity to hear about the world-leading innovations being developed by Stirling institutions in response to one of society’s most pressing issues, an ageing population. By 2050, worldwide there are likely to be two billion people over the age of 60.

UK Government...Read More »

Press release: Joint statement on 4th anniversary of Saudi intervention in Yemen

The Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, and the International Development Secretary, Penny Mordaunt, said:

Today, on the fourth anniversary of the intervention by the Saudi-led Coalition into the conflict in Yemen at the invitation of the Government of Yemen, we call on both sides to urgently implement the agreements made at...Read More »

News story: Guitar firm fined for concealing documents during CMA inspection

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) issued the fine against Fender Europe after discovering a senior officer had concealed notebooks during an inspection at its offices in East Grinstead, West Sussex, as part of a competition law investigation.

When deciding on the level of the fine, the CMA took into account...Read More »

Speech: Yemen crisis won’t be solved by UK arms exports halt

Nothing in Yemen has been left untouched by war, not even the presidential palace in Aden. When I visited this fortified building a few weeks ago, you could see the pockmarks from bullets and the damage from explosions.

I went to Aden to meet Yemen’s recognized government and see for myself...Read More »

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