Meeting with deputy prime ministers

Agenda: application of import customs duties and introduction of sanctions on Ukraine; payment of debt by Ukraine.

Meeting with deputy prime ministers

Excerpts from Dmitry Medvedev’s speech:

Meeting with deputy prime ministers

Ukraine announced the start or rather the continuation of the implementation of the economic part of its Association Agreement with the European Union (EU). Under the circumstances, we must protect our market and our producers and prevent the import of goods that originate in Ukraine but are disguised as products of other countries. This means that from 1 January, Ukraine will have to pay customs duties under the EAEU common customs tariff. There will be no preferences anymore.

The implementation of the said agreement impinges on our interests and creates  risk to our economic security. Several rounds of talks were held without any results. Neither Ukraine, nor the EU is ready to sign a legally binding agreement that would consider Russia’s interests.

In addition, reciprocal economic measures will be taken against Ukraine on 1 January for joining the EU and US anti-Russia sanctions. I have just signed the relevant Government resolution.

On 20 December Ukraine missed the deadline for making its Eurobond debt payment of  $3 billion to Russia. It is now in default on these bonds, although it can still pay off this debt without a fine in the next ten days. We must use protective measures to make Ukraine pay its debt. We must draft all the necessary papers to address a legal body that was elected on the basis of our agreement with Ukraine for handling this dispute. We must hire lawyers and start the procedure to make Ukraine pay everything, including fines.

Ukraine’s line amounts to manipulation and violation of its international commitments.