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Labour would scrap the SNP tax cut for frequent flyers

4th October 2017

We're calling on the SNP to leave plans to cut Air Departure Tax on the runway.

What is Air Departure Tax?

Air Departure Tax is a new tax devolved to the Scottish parliament. It replaces Air Passenger Duty and applies to all passengers leaving a UK airport. The SNP want to...Read More »

Labour pressure is paying off in Holyrood

3 October 2017

Today highlights the difference Labour is making in the Scottish Parliament. Here are 4 things that happened in Holyrood today.

Labour pressure forced the SNP into extending their moratorium on fracking.

Today the SNP announced an indefinite moratorium on fracking. The Nationalists were forced to finally come off the...Read More »

Alex Rowley MSP speech to Labour Conference

By Scottish Labour interim leader Alex Rowley MSP


Chair, Conference,

Thank you for that welcome.

This week we gather here in Brighton



And determined.

Determined to expose how this Tory Government is failing working people.

Strengthened by the size of our movement.

And United around our leader.

The person who will be Labour’s next Prime Minister – Jeremy...Read More »

£500 - that’s the cost of the Tories

24 September 2017 

£500 – that's the cost of the Tories.

The average household in Scotland is £500 worse off since the Tories came to power.

The average household income today stands at £24,336. Back in 2009/10 – the last year before the Tories came to power but in the immediate aftermath of...Read More »

Tory welfare policies an ‘attack on single mothers’

23 September 2017 

Shadow Scottish Secretary, Lesley Laird has branded the Tories' welare reforms as an 'attack on single mothers'.

New figures have shown that almost two thirds of the people effected by the benefit cap are single mums.

And the benefit cap is not the only policy which unfairly targets women.


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