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Greens warn governments must go further, faster to limit temperature rises

1 December 2020

  • Jonathan Bartley: “Kicking the can down the road means leaving the problem to our children and destroying their life chances. What responsible parent or politician would do that?”

Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley has welcomed new analysis suggesting the world is making serious progress to limit temperatures...Read More »

Greens condemn government for failing to protect livelihoods as well as lives

1 December 2020

  • Molly Scott Cato: “It is a mark of the true failure of this government that they have mismanaged the economic consequences of the pandemic as disastrously as they mismanaged the pandemic itself”

The Green Party has condemned the government’s handling of the pandemic after shocking new OECD...Read More »

Greens warn Agricultural Transition Plan is a wasted opportunity and betrayal of farmers

30 November 2020

  • Natalie Bennett: “We need to see the same kind of urgency that we saw a decade ago to rescue the banks but this time to rescue the natural world.”

Green peer Natalie Bennett has responded to the government’s Agricultural Transition Plan, intended to support the farming sector...Read More »

Greens call for plan to ensure no cross-infection between schools and family gatherings

27 November 2020

The Green Party has called on Education Secretary Gavin Williamson to provide a plan for closing schools this Christmas that will ensure the spread of the coronavirus infection is kept to a minimum.

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics suggest over the most recent...Read More »

Greens welcome EU ban on lead shot

27 November 2020

  • Amelia Womack: “We are determined to ensure that we offer wetland birds the same protections that other EU countries do after Brexit”

The Green Party has joined conservation groups across Europe in welcoming the passage of legislation to ban the use of lead shot in wetlands...Read More »

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