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Green Party statement on fielding joint remain lists

18 April 2019

The Green Party welcomes the European Elections and the enthusiasm being shown for them by those who, like us, believe we must do everything possible to stay in the European Union. The Green Party is the largest remain party in the EU Parliament, with the largest number of...Read More »

Greens launch 10 priorities to tackle climate change as Greta Thunberg visits the European Parliament

16 April 2019

Today, Greta Thunberg, the Swedish climate activist, will address the Environmental Committee of the European Parliament from 14:00 to 15:00.

Coinciding with this visit, the Green Party of England and Wales MEP for South-West England Molly Scott Cato has helped launch the Greens/EFA 10 priority measures to save...Read More »

Greens: EU elections moment to define the Britain we want to be

11 April 2019

The Green Party has responded to news there will be European Union elections will be held on May 23 unless the Prime Minister can pass her Brexit deal in Parliament.

Sian Berry AM, co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, said:

“This is the moment to tell the...Read More »

Greens to pledge to put land in communities’ hands at local election campaign launch

9 April 2019

* Green Party set to launch biggest ever local election campaign

* Party will pledge to give communities control of local land

* Jonathan Bartley: “This will be our biggest ever local election campaign – and I’ve never seen Greens so ready to win.”

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Greens stand ready to fight EU elections

4 April 2019

In the wake of the Cooper-Letwin bill passing through the Commons last night, the Green Party has welcomed the prospect of a longer extension to Article 50 to ‘provide valuable breathing space’ and allow European elections to take place.

Molly Scott Cato MEP, Green Party Brexit spokesperson, said:

“A...Read More »

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