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The climate emergency is not going away: Amelia Womack on the need for long term action on flooding

25 February 2020

Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack said:

Just because the floodwaters will eventually go down doesn’t mean that the climate emergency is going away. We can’t only focus on floods when there’s a photo opportunity for a politician who has never used a mop in their life....Read More »

Green Party’s Caroline Russell responds to new Heathrow third runway report

25 February 2020

The New Economics Foundation has today [Tuesday 25 February] published a new report which shows the Heathrow third runway expansion would introduce an additional 3 to 4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent into the economy.

Caroline Russell, London Assembly Member and Green Party spokesperson for transport,...Read More »

Green Party peer Natalie Bennett responds to government's post-Brexit immigration plans

19 February 2020

Responding to the government’s proposals for its post-Brexit immigration plan, Green Party peer Natalie Bennett said:

“The UK has always been a country of immigrants and emigrants. This short-sighted and damaging proposal closes the door on both groups, for many countries will surely respond with similar restrictions on...Read More »

Green Party responds to appointment of George Eustice as new Environment Secretary

13 February 2020

Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley said:

“Theresa Villiers’ time as environment secretary was short yet still managed to be a missed opportunity. The Environment Bill she introduced actually weakened environmental protections when it should have done everything it could to tackle the catastrophic collapse in nature we...Read More »

Treasury is in need of a radical shake up - Green Party statement on reshuffle

13 February 2020

Green Party peer and former leader Natalie Bennett said:

“The Treasury is in urgent need of a radical shake up, but we won’t get the reform we need from a Conservative government. 

“The pursuit of endless growth has pushed our climate over a cliff, while failing to...Read More »

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