Scottish Conservatives

Swinson and Sturgeon “peas from the same pod”

16 Sep 2019

The Scottish Conservatives are now the only party united in backing both Scotland’s decision to remain in the UK and to leave the EU, Jackson Carlaw said today.

It comes with the Liberal Democrats making it clear they now support over-turning the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

Scottish...Read More »

The SNP’s NHS blame game attacked

15 Sep 2019

The SNP’s “blame game” on the NHS will be attacked in Holyrood this week, following more revelations about Scotland’s ailing health service.

The Scottish Conservatives will use their party business on Wednesday to highlight a series of examples from across the country where SNP ministers have abandoned responsibility...Read More »

SNP must work ‘proactively’ to tackle shortage of residential drug rehab

12 Sep 2019

The SNP government must start tackling the shortage of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services ‘proactively’ rather than reacting...Read More »

More than 300,000 kids miss out on new Sick Kids hospital care

12 Sep 2019

Children in need of emergency hospital care have missed out on treatment at the new Sick Kids hospital on more than 300,000 occasions because of delays to the project, it has emerged.

The £150 million facility at Edinburgh’s Little France site was supposed to be up-and-running by the...Read More »

SNP admits Sick Kids won’t open for at least another year

11 Sep 2019

Edinburgh’s new Sick Kids hospital won’t be open for at least another year, and fixing the latest blunders will cost the taxpayer an extra £16 million.

In a statement at Holyrood today, health secretary Jeane Freeman revealed problems with ventilation, water systems and drainage will “take time” to...Read More »

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