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The Scottish Conservative 2021 Manifesto | Rebuild Scotland

22 Apr 2021

Our manifesto is a positive policy programme, focused on rebuilding Scotland after the worst year that many of us have faced in living memory.

On delivering an economic recovery that stops widespread unemployment and creates good jobs and growth in every part of our country.

On supporting our education...Read More »

The Scottish Conservatives Campaign Launch

26 Mar 2021

As we start this campaign, let me tell you directly why I’m asking for your vote in May.

Yes, it’s to stop an SNP majority. It’s to stop them holding another referendum. And I’ll tell you today why it’s so important that...Read More »

Secure our future

15 Mar 2021

Douglas Ross delivers his Leader’s Address at the Scottish Conservative Spring Conference 2021

Friends when I spoke to you four months ago at our last conference, I promised better days ahead.

What none of us could have known back then, was that we...Read More »

End Division. No Referendum. Rebuild Scotland.

26 Feb 2021

I wanted to start today by talking about the crisis engulfing Scotland.

An internal party civil war is running out of control, taking down our country with it.

The SNP are dragging down the reputation of the Scottish Parliament and our treasured institutions.

I can only imagine what people abroad...Read More »

The unionist response to the SNP’s push for indyref2

Douglas Ross

1 Feb 2021

In just three months’ time, people across Scotland will vote in the Scottish Parliament Election.

It will seem incredible that, with everything else that is going on right now, there will also be an election.

And though it will feel very different from previous votes, there will still be...Read More »

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