Scottish Conservatives

Breaches of home curfews on the rise


17 Jul 2018

The number of criminals breaching home detention curfews rose last year, with more than one in five offenders now being recalled to jail.

Research by the Scottish Conservatives has revealed, of the 1434 individuals granted the early releases from prison, 300 breached the order.

That compares to 241 in...Read More »

Ruth helps unveil new Google Garage


16 Jul 2018

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has emphasised the importance of digital skills education at the opening of a new facility in Edinburgh.

She helped unveil the new Google Digital Garage in the Capital today, saying such resources would help people of all ages improve their skills, and fill...Read More »

2500 Scottish addresses too unsafe for ambulance staff to enter


13 Jul 2018

Ambulance crews are prevented from entering more than 2500 addresses in Scotland amid fears for their safety, new figures have shown.

The Scottish Ambulance...Read More »

SNP downgrading emergency department when it’s ‘never been busier’


11 Jul 2018

The SNP has been accused of downgrading a key emergency department, despite the A&E ward recording its busiest month in eight years.

In May, the...Read More »

Alcohol-related brain damage cases hit new high

Miles Choice 1

10 Jul 2018

The number of people being admitted to hospital with brain damage caused by alcohol has hit a new high, official figures have confirmed.

Nearly two people a...Read More »

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