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Scotland’s exercise blackspots revealed


20 Feb 2017

Brian Whittle

Scotland’s most and least active areas have been revealed in an official Holyrood survey. 

The report, which will be presented to the Scottish Parliament’s health committee tomorrow, will show a huge disparity in how active residents.  

As a result, the Scottish Conservatives have urged the SNP to provide the necessary action to make Scotland an active nation.

The study of more than 3000 people highlighted the percentage of non-participants in regular sport or physical activity based on postcode.

 Aberdeen proved to be the least active area in Scotland with statistics revealing that 35 per cent of respondents from the Granite City don’t participate in regular activity – 23 per cent behind leaders Falkirk.

 Kilmarnock also collated worrying results, 25 per cent of its respondents putting their name under the non-participation brackets. 

Scottish Conservative sport spokesman Brian Whittle said:  

“This report reveals the SNP’s inability to promote the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.

“It’s hugely important to participate in regular activity, and it’s known to come hand in hand with living a healthy and happy life.

“It’s sad that the SNP has failed to make the most of Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games’ potential to make Scotland a healthy and active nation for years to come.

“There are of course various barriers preventing participation in regular activity – lack of time, money and self-confidence to name but a few.

“The SNP seems to only talk about making so many improvements. Now people are realising it has no idea how to address these issues.

“That’s why we urge the SNP to read over the Scottish Conservatives’ long-term consultation, a document that we believe will go a long way in tackling the obvious inequality of access across Scotland.

“The Scottish Government claims it wants to shed Scotland’s unhealthy image.

“However, the only way to start making Scotland a healthier and more active nation is to start knocking these barriers down.”

Click here to read a copy of the report:

A copy of the Scottish Conservative healthy lifestyle strategy:

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