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Sturgeon caves and agrees to education probe

16 Jan 2020

Nicola Sturgeon has caved to Scottish Conservative demands for a full inquiry into the state of Scotland’s education system under the SNP.

Opposition MSPs yesterday voted for a formal probe into numerous failings which have occurred in Scotland’s schools during the nationalists’ time in power.

And today, at First...Read More »

Schools ‘must focus on core subjects’ to improve CfE

15 Jan 2020

Scotland’s curriculum must be reset to once again focus on core and traditional subjects, the Scottish Conservatives will say tomorrow (Wednesday).

As part of a drive to stop the decline in the country’s education system, the party will argue that knowledge-based learning should be seen as equally important...Read More »

Indyref2 refusal means Scotland can move on

14 Jan 2020

The Prime Minister’s rejection of a second independence referendum will mean Scotland can finally move on and focus on more important things, the Scottish Conservatives have said.

Boris Johnson wrote to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today confirming there would be no re-run of the 2014 vote.

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Five years of SNP failure on delayed discharge

14 Jan 2020

The Scottish Conservatives have criticised the latest figures on delayed discharge from hospital as “five years of SNP failure” as the Scottish government still hasn’t fulfilled their 2015 promise to eradicated the issue.

The number of patients experiencing a delayed discharge from the Scottish NHS and the number...Read More »

Labour finally sells out to the SNP over indyref2

9 Jan 2020

Labour leader Richard Leonard has confirmed his willingness to surrender to the SNP over a second independence referendum.

It has been reported that he will ask the party’s Scottish executive committee about backing the divisive re-run.

It completes the party’s journey from backing the union in 2014 and being...Read More »

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