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Using antibiotics wisely is everyone's responsibility

It’s everyone’s responsibility to use antibiotics responsibly. They are not effective against viral infections, including colds and flu. Antibiotic overuse is a serious problem and a potentially a threat to everyone’s health. You should be guided by your GP as to whether or not you need an...Read More »

Strong winds warning - information and advice

With high winds forecast for some areas, disruption to traffic or travel could be a consequence. Power cuts are also a possibility. There are things you can do to prepare in case your electricity goes off. There are practical steps you can take if it does.

Weather warnings

You...Read More »

Strong winds warning - power and travel advice

With very strong winds forecast, it’s important that people take care to protect themselves and their property. Disruption to traffic or travel is likely and power cuts are also a possibility. People should monitor the Met Office forecasts for their area, be aware of the weather conditions,...Read More »

Improving reading skills and discovering joy of books

It’s Book Week. Books allow us to experience the pleasure of reading, opening up a world of fun, enjoyment and learning for children, young people and adults.


Public libraries  are obviously a great source of books. If you’re not currently a member of a library, think about joining.

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Stay safe when mixing slurry

Farmers are being urged to be responsible for their own and their families’ safety when mixing slurry. It’s vital to follow recommended safety advice and stay out of the mixing building for at least half an hour. Just one breath of slurry gas can cause serious injury...Read More »

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