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Ask police if concerned a partner has history of abusive behaviour

Date published: 26 March 2018

If you have concerns that your partner, or the partner of someone you know, has a history of abusive behaviour you can now...Read More »

Heavy rain warning - advice and information

Heavy rain forecast for some areas. Snow is also possible on higher ground. Travel delays are possible. You can find advice about preparing for any potential localised flooding. It might be useful to take note of the Flooding Incident Line – 0300 2000 100. There is also information...Read More »

Removal and clamping of vehicles parked illegally

Drivers who park illegally in urban clearways or bus lanes on main roads into and out of Belfast may have their vehicles removed and clamped. As well as being issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), additional charges to have the vehicle released will have to be...Read More »

Advice for parents of children making subject choices

During Year 10 your child will choose the GCSE subjects they want to study. Your support as a parent or guardian is vital in helping them make choices which are right for them to meet their full potential. There is live online presentation on Wednesday 14 March...Read More »

Range of opportunities at Coleraine job fair

A job fair is taking place at Coleraine Leisure Centre on Thursday 8 March. It brings employers, support organisations and jobseekers together under one roof. The event runs from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm and admission is free.

Employment opportunities

The job fair has something for everyone and anyone, ...Read More »

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