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Budget day

There have been many mini  budgets over the last year. Never have the official figures for the outlook changed so drastically so rapidly, as forecasters rushed to bring their estimates in line with the big lurches in activity created by anti pandemic policies. Today we await new forecasts from the...Read More »

Reduction in NHS beds to control innfection

To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, how much bed capacity has been reduced by to improve infection control in hospitals in England during the covid-19 outbreak. (156227)

Tabled on: 22 February 2021

Edward Argar:

The latest data shows that the...Read More »

Cars, batteries and the UK motor industry

The UK government’s decision to announce an end to diesel and petrol car production by the end of this decade is speeding up the need for many decisions about the future of this important industry. Yesterday the Business Secretary had to talk to the Commons about the future of Ellesmere...Read More »

Speaking for England

Some of you have noticed I have dropped the Speaking for England phrase from this website. I did so after  careful consideration. When I thought through and set out my promises to electors for the late 2019 General Election I decided that the forthcoming Parliament had enough to do to...Read More »

Deaths with and from CV 19

The UK government has rightly worried about deaths from CV 19. It  has used these concerns along with worries over hospital capacity to treat seriously ill CV 19 patients to drive its anti pandemic lock down policies. The government has repeatedly said it wishes to  be data driven. This requires...Read More »

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