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Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

I have received this update from the Chief Executive of HMRC:

Dear Sir John,

I want to update you on the opening of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

I know you are receiving a significant number of queries from constituents on the various measures HMRC is taking to provide support during the...Read More »

Treating the virus

I am not a doctor and am not about to propose how to treat this virus. I am however willing to give a day and a blog to inviting comments from those who are or those who think they understand the medical issues sufficiently to comment on what is happening. It...Read More »

“Contain, delay and mitigate any outbreak”

These words from Public Health England have framed policy so far. The first phase (Contain)  saw efforts to trace, test and isolate anyone carrying the virus and the people they had met. The second phase (Delay) has seen big efforts to impede the spread of the virus by keeping people apart...Read More »

The PM

Hearing the news that the PM is in an intensive care ward cane as a shock. I wish him a speedy recovery. Many Constituents want me to pass on their good wishes to him and his family.

...Read More »

The role of Public Health England

Public Health England set  out the strategy for handling this pandemic in a document published on 3 March as the “Coronavirus Action Plan”. So far Ministers have followed it.

This body conducts important research into disease, is advised by a scientific advisory committee, and spends £4.25 bn a year. It is run by...Read More »

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