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Wokingham Borough want to price shoppers out of Wokingham town centre

Wokingham Councillors have asked me to bring this to attention. I agree with them that the last thing we need are big parking charge rises when we need to get inflation down and help people on stretched budgets. We need to promote Wokingham shops, not price...Read More »

The Central Banks want a recession

Thev Fed, the European Central Bank and the Bank of England made the same mistake last year. They each went on printing new money and buying up state debt  to keep interest rates too low through 2021 when recovery was well underway. As a result  they each triggered a 10%...Read More »

Why higher taxes are a bad idea

The debate about tax has been very slanted to socialist views this century. I agree that taxation should be progressive, with rich paying more and the poor receiving net transfers from the state. I do not agree with accompanying rhetoric that taxes can only be cut for the poor and...Read More »

New management should take a fresh look at the NHS

Today the new Health Secretary will seek to focus the NHS on a new alphabet. A is for ambulance use, B is for backlogs or waiting lists, C is for transfers to care and recovery homes and D is for doctors and dentists. I wish her well in getting ambulance...Read More »

Energy Prices Support Package

I have received the letter below from the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy outlining support for businesses, charities & public sector organisations (such as schools and hospitals) against rising energy prices. Further information can be found on the following weblink: Energy Prices Support Package

Please note...Read More »

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