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Information for Thomas Cook customers and staff

I have received this letter from the Secretary of State for Transport:

Dear John

The Thomas Cook Group has confirmed to my Department that it has ceased trading and been placed into compulsory liquidation. I am writing to set out the steps the Government is taking to support passengers and staff affected,...Read More »

Flexible working and decent working terms and conditions

I do not think a company should be able to make employees declare they are self employed whilst they work more or less full time for a single employer. Such a device is just a way of avoiding some National Insurance, and cutting out sickness and holiday pay, pensions and...Read More »

Will a gloomy Treasury try to stop a budget for growth?

My forecasts show that if the UK has a budget soon which confirms the spending increases announced for next year and offers around £12bn of tax cuts, the economy should grow faster next year than this, assuming we leave on 31 October 2019 without signing the Withdrawal Agreement.  As readers...Read More »

Good stewards of the planet

We share our lease on the planet with the rest of mankind during our lives. We should all want to pass it on in better environmental shape when we die. Each one of us can play our part and help use the planet’s natural gifts in a sustainable and good...Read More »

Run the trains on time

 Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has announced  changes to the way that train delays are recorded, benefiting consumers by making it easier to hold train companies serving Wokingham and West Berkshire  to account. Under the old system, trains are considered delayed if they are 5 or 10 minutes late. This will...Read More »

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