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Stop interfering in industry

The government is running up huge bills on industrial interventions that fail to deliver good results. Its ill  judged price control on domestic fuel led to the bankruptcy of a large number of suppliers without preventing a subsequent huge surge in the prices consumers have to pay. taxpayers are now...Read More »

Wokingham Conservative AGM

At the Earley AGMs on Thursday 14th June and at the  Wokingham Conservative AGM on Friday 25th June I spoke about the work I have been doing in a number of important areas.

  1. Housing numbers and a new local Plan
  2. The need for an economic policy to fight recession
  3. Measures to be taken...Read More »

More productivity, higher pay

Most governments want higher productivity, or say they do. most grasp that if you get people to produce more goods or services in a working week you collect more revenue and can share that with employees.

Seeing that is not the same as selling it to those who need to deliver....Read More »

GP appointments and waiting times

On Friday I joined a regular local health review meeting to hear from management where the NHS has reached in restoring services post covid and tackling waiting lists. I was told that activity levels are  up on pre 2020 figures and all waits of over 2 years have been eliminated....Read More »

If you vote Conservative you want Conservative policies

It was a strange idea that in the Red Wall seats Labour voters had lent their votes to the Conservatives in 2019. It was an even stranger idea that that meant those voters wanted a Conservative government to behave more like a Labour one.

A vote is a vote. People mean...Read More »

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