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Aircraft noise

I recently held a meeting with the Aviation Minister to encourage the government to do more to reduce aircraft noise over the Wokingham constituency.

I reminded the Minister that the changes NATs put through in 2014 concentrating more flights in a narrow Compton Gate without consultation or discussion increased flight noise over the constituency. It has led to many more complaints.

I asked for progress on

  1. Flying higher for longer on approach to or departure from Heathrow
  2. More encouragement of quieter aircraft
  3. More dispersion of routes as before the changes
  4. Ending the stack of aircraft, with more linear descents and regulation of flying speeds when distant from the UK to allow direct landing
  5.  More restrictions on early and late flights

The Minister explained that there are changes underway, with consultation, on how to manage the airspace going forwards. She promised to come back to me on consideration of these and the other points I made at the meeting.

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