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Competition means choice

Most of the big networks need not be monopolies. Some of you are writing in to say energy or telecoms or water rests on some natural monopoly so it is best held in the public sector. This is a double mistake.

It is quite possible to have competing supplies of water...Read More »

More money for local schools

I see there is a website suggesting I do not back more money for local schools. As readers of this site will know I have successfully campaigned for more money and support Conservative plans to set new higher minimum levels of funding. I will continue to press the case for...Read More »

Socialism in the UK

Yesterday I  pointed out that borrowing too much, spending too much and nationalising too much had wrecked the current day Venezuelan economy. Some wrote in to say it would  be different in the UK if a Labour government tried the same here.

Well when they did it here they created similar...Read More »

Corbyn and the Venezuela model

The leadership of the Labour party admired Chavez, the socialist dictator of Venezuela and have not rushed to condemn his successor, Maduro. Between Chavez and Maduro they have shown the world what a true socialist programme does. They have undertaken widespread nationalisation, boosted spending programmes, borrowed huge sums of money...Read More »

My views

During an election political opponents have a habit of ascribing views to me I have never held and sometimes supporters attribute things to me which are also not my view. The definitive statement of my views is this site and I urge all interested in what my view is on...Read More »

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