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The economic damage done by our membership of the EU

Too many in the media just accept the assumption that we have done well out of being in the EU and will lose when we leave. There is little  evidence to support either of these contentions.

We joined in 1972. We were made to remove all tariffs on products the rest of...Read More »


The government has offered some money to 3 local Councils to carry out a feasibility study into placing a settlement of 15000 homes at Grazeley.

I am in favour of Wokingham Borough seeking a local plan revision for the future with a considerably lower housebuilding rate than our present one. I...Read More »

Who can delay our exit

This  week I am told the government may ask Parliament to debate and approve a Statutory Instrument under the EU Withdrawal Act to delay the date it comes into effect. The government also says Brexit will be delayed by the EU  Council offer to delay made to Mrs May. Some...Read More »

We’ve had enough indicative votes

Some MPs claim Parliament has been prevented from expressing a view on Brexit and needs a series of indicative votes on different options. Where have they been these last two years? Parliament has talked about almost nothing other than Brexit. The  pro Remain MPs  told us for years before the vote...Read More »

Let me remind Mrs May of the Conservative Manifesto in 2017 – I want her to implement it

On the EU the Manifesto made a lot of sense. It said“As we leave the EU we will no longer be members of the single market or customs union
“We believe it is necessary to agree the terms of our future partnership alongside our withdrawal, reaching agreement on both within...Read More »

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