Pedigree Bull Calf

Introducing our one day old pedigree
bull calf, birthed by Heritage Estrella, a white Galloway pedigree cow, and
sired by Heritage White Prince. The calf adds to our pedigree rare breed
livestock of true excellence and supremacy which, together with our rewilding
programmes, forms part of welters ongoing environmental pursuits.

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Scottish Sunset

A beautiful winter sunset over the trees, taken
from our Scottish Borders Arboretum. The clouds catch the last rays of light as
the sun descends below the horizon.

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White Gallway Calf

Introducing the first White Galloway calf this year, sired by Heritage Prince.   The newest member of our White Galloway herd that forms part of the welters heritage breed collection along with our Black Galloways, White Shorthorns and native breeds.   Much more detailed information is available on this and other specialities.

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Staircase/steps Chassis

Manufactured by welters, this example configuration ‘staircase/steps chassis’ arrangement is being checked prior to dispatch.   This particular assembly is destined for a London site where it will form the base structure for a set of outdoor steps.   It will be installed to specification, creating an attractive and functional feature.   These chassis can be made to order with a variety of specifications, treads and finishings.

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A Magical Moment…

…caught on camera as the sun peeks through the trees and glistens on all the dew drops, creating the illusion of rain frozen in time as it falls from the sky. This beautiful pathway is part of the Whithaugh property which is currently under restoration and renovation.

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