Whisky pledge meets industry’s ‘key ask’


7 Nov 2019

A pledge to review the amount of tax paid on a bottle of whisky has been welcomed by the Scottish Conservative candidate in a seat with dozens of distilleries.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson today confirmed a Conservative government would review alcohol duty to develop a system which provides better support for domestic drink producers.

That’s the key ask from Scotland’s whisky industry ahead of the December vote, and would help boost an industry which supports 42,000 jobs across the UK.

And today Douglas Ross, the Scottish Conservative candidate seeking to retain the Moray seat, said it was more evidence of how the party could deliver for Scotland.

Scottish Conservative candidate for Moray, Douglas Ross, said:

“This is great news for Scotland’s whisky industry.

“It was the whisky industry’s key ask for this election campaign and, thanks to the Prime Minister’s announcement today, a future UK Conservative government has now pledged to roll out action immediately.

“It shows once again that a strong group of Scottish Conservative MPs will deliver for Scotland.

“By contrast, all SNP MPs deliver is more division.

“That is the choice at this election – the Scottish Conservatives who will stop a second independence referendum and support key Scottish interests or a nationalist party led by Nicola Sturgeon which offers nothing but more uncertainty and conflict.”

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