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The Scottish Conservative 2021 Manifesto | Rebuild Scotland

22 Apr 2021

Our manifesto is a positive policy programme, focused on rebuilding Scotland after the worst year that many of us have faced in living memory.

On delivering an economic recovery that stops widespread unemployment and creates good jobs and growth in every part of our country.

On supporting our education system to catch up every single pupil from a year of disrupted schooling – so that we do not face the prospect of a Covid-generation left behind.

And funding our NHS to get through the backlog of a year of delayed operations.

It is a programme that will ensure our recovery from coronavirus.

Yet our manifesto does so much more than that, it sets out the issues that the Scottish Conservatives will fight for in the next Parliament.

For renewing our justice system, so that it is firmly on the side of victims and not those who commit crime.

For devolving power and funding to communities, so that we can put an end to the era of SNP centralisation and better support local services, like schools and roads.

For creating a dynamic, innovative green economy, that works with business to drive a skills revolution and achieve our 2045 net zero ambition.

And so much more.

With our manifesto setting out 15 major bills that we would seek to take forward and pass through a Scottish Parliament working to rebuild our country.

Using the powers of the Scottish Parliament to their maximum, rather than complaining that they are never enough.

It is a manifesto that, at its heart, secures and accelerates our recovery from coronavirus.

That uses the strong foundations and support of the UK to rebuild Scotland.

Use your party list vote, on the peach ballot paper, for the Scottish Conservatives, and let’s secure our recovery and rebuild Scotland together.

Read our manifesto here.

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