This speech only confirmed Theresa May’s failure – Jon Trickett MP


Jon Trickett MP, Labour’s Shadow
Minister for the Cabinet Office,

responding to Theresa May’s to Conservative Conference, said:

was supposed to be the speech where Theresa May relaunched her flailing
Premiership but it only confirmed her failure.

admitted Britain faces great problems but all she has to offer are watered down
versions of Labour’s ideas, reheated policies, and empty promises.

housing there were warm words but nowhere near enough action, on tuition fees
she talked of a “review” but failed to mention that the Tories trebled them to
over £9,000 and on energy bills, she provided no clarity after months of
confusion and u-turns. And there was nothing at all to deal with the crisis the
Tories have created in the NHS, nor to deal with the fact that working people’s
wages have flat-lined under the Tories.

than apologising to her party, Theresa May should have taken the
opportunity to apologise to the public for a record of failure for
the many which has left Britain worse off.

season has shown us that the Conservatives are yesterday’s party; Labour
is setting the agenda. With bold, mainstream plans like scrapping tuition fees,
building a million new homes and public ownership of the energy system, Labour
is the only party who will deal with the challenges facing the country. We will
build a Britain for the many not the few.”

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