Sturgeon wants to plunge Scotland back into referendum division


5 Sep 2019

Nicola Sturgeon has again said she wants to overturn the result of the EU referendum, just weeks ahead of the UK’s Brexit deadline.

She told Jackson Carlaw at First Minister’s Questions today that, rather than see UK Government negotiations succeed, she wanted to thwart them.

The interim leader of the Scottish Conservatives said her bid to derail Brexit was simply a move to get independence back on the table, and return Scotland to “yet more division”.

It follows an SNP plot, along with other opposition parties at Westminster, to delay the Brexit process.

Scottish Conservative interim leader Jackson Carlaw said:

“Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t want to see successful negotiations between the UK and the EU – she wants to weaken the UK Government’s hand and for the talks to fail.

“The last thing the SNP wants is for Scotland to move on and – together with the rest of the UK – secure a Brexit that works for everyone.

“She wants to drag the process out, and plunge Scotland back into the divisions of recent years.

“The Scottish Conservatives will stand up for and stand by our decision to remain within the UK, and back the decision made to leave the EU.

“To get back to the things that matter – schools, jobs, police.

“Nicola Sturgeon would only bring chaos and uncertainty.”

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