Protecting our Fire and Rescue Service


14th September 2017

As the public inquiry into the Grenfell tragedy begins today, Alex Rowley raised the issue of cuts to fire services in Scotland at First Minister's Questions.

Alex  highlighted figures showing there are 700 fewer firefighters in Scotland since the SNP merged the services.

The SNP's merger, part of their centralisation agenda, has meant the fire service has to pay VAT.

The Nationalists were warned that this was the case, but plowed on regardless, effectively cutting millions of pounds from frontline services.



A report from Audit Scotland has estimated that Fire and Rescue budgets will decrease by 31 per cent from 2012 to 2020 as SNP austerity continues.

The SNP did not commit in their 2016 manifesto to protect the Fire and Rescue budget, nor did a commitment appear in their Programme for Government earlier in the month.



Our Fire Service deserves better that this.

SNP cuts to fire services cannot go on. If the First Minister is serious about protecting our public services she must protect the funding for Fire and Rescue.

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