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Tory welfare policies an ‘attack on single mothers’

23 September 2017 

Shadow Scottish Secretary, Lesley Laird has branded the Tories' welare reforms as an 'attack on single mothers'.

New figures have shown that almost two thirds of the people effected by the benefit cap are single mums.

And the benefit cap is not the only policy which unfairly targets women.


Students deserve better support

16th September 2016

Students deserve better support.

We support free tuition in Scotland, but the SNP has slashed bursaries and grants – and that means students increasingly have to turn to loans and track up more debt. 

Lower bursaries

The average student bursary is £400 less than when the SNP came to power.
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Protecting our Fire and Rescue Service

14th September 2017

As the public inquiry into the Grenfell tragedy begins today, Alex Rowley raised the issue of cuts to fire services in Scotland at First Minister's Questions.

Alex  highlighted figures showing there are 700 fewer firefighters in Scotland since the SNP merged the services.

The SNP's merger, part of their centralisation...Read More »

Twenty years on: the 1997 referendum

11th September 2017 

Today is twenty years since Scotland voted for a Scottish Parliament, which was then delivered by the last Labour government.

Here are some memories from the Labour family from ‘97.

Elaine Smith, Labour MSP for Central Scotland:
Labour's election victory and the referendum for a Scottish Parliament gave many people...Read More »

Labour win in two key by-elections

8th September 2017

Last night Labour won two crucial by-elections in Glasgow and North Lanarkshire.

We successfully defended the Cardonald seat which fell vacant following the untimely death of Alistair Watson. Jim Kavanagh was elected with a ten point increase in the Labour vote compared to the May council elections.

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