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Labour would scrap the SNP tax cut for frequent flyers

4th October 2017

We're calling on the SNP to leave plans to cut Air Departure Tax on the runway.

What is Air Departure Tax?

Air Departure Tax is a new tax devolved to the Scottish parliament. It replaces Air Passenger Duty and applies to all passengers leaving a UK airport. The SNP want to cut this tax by 50 per cent.

Why does Labour oppose a cut?

We don’t think cutting this tax will make Scotland fairer or greener. It will just mean less money for schools and hospital and would be another tax break for the richest.

It won't make Scotland greener.

The Scottish Government’s own analysis has shown that the effect of cutting this tax would increase air travel and associated greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50,000 tonnes.

Cutting the tax would benefit the richest the most.

People on higher incomes are more likely to be paying air departure tax as they are more likely to be frequent flyers.

The Civil Aviation Authority has previously identified that the mean income of those who fly from Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Inverness is consistently higher than £40,000 – similar to the higher rate tax band.

It would cost millions.

The cost of halving Air Departure Tax would cost £189 million by 2020/21. That is:

  • More than the SNP spends on the pupil equity fund to close the attainment gap.
  • Almost twenty times more than the average budget of the Tackling Child Poverty Fund and the Ending Homelessness Together fund.
  • Around six times more than the cost of increasing carers’ allowance.


At a time of more cuts to public services, we don’t think cutting tax should be a priority. Agree with us? Spread this message. 

£500 – that’s the cost of the Tories

24 September 2017 

£500 – that’s the cost of the Tories.

The average household in Scotland is £500 worse off since the Tories came to power.

The average household income today stands at £24,336. Back in 2009/10 – the last year before the Tories came to power but in the immediate aftermath of the global financial crisis household income was £500 higher at   £24,846.

The Tory economy isn’t  working for Scottish families.

Tory tax cuts  for wealthy individuals and big business have ensured that any economic gain has been focused in the hands of the priviliged few.


Labour will create a Britain for the many, not the few. Find out what we will do for working people. Share ↓ pic.twitter.com/uIxsY75f6C

— The Labour Party (@UKLabour) 3 June 2017


We would do things differently.

A Labour government would ensure those at the top pay their fair share, and create an economy that works for the many, not the few.

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Tory welfare policies an ‘attack on single mothers’

23 September 2017 

Shadow Scottish Secretary, Lesley Laird has branded the Tories’ welare reforms as an ‘attack on single mothers’.

New figures have shown that almost two thirds of the people effected by the benefit cap are single mums.

And the benefit cap is not the only policy which unfairly targets women.


Here’s what Ruth Davidson used to say on the rape clause.#ScotDebates pic.twitter.com/kuB6X5bsuI

— Scottish Labour (@scottishlabour) 6 June 2017


The ‘rape clause’ has been widely condemned by women’s charities and organisations.

The policy forces victims of rape to fill out an 8-page form before receiving vital child tax credits.

It has been described as one of the most vile policies ever introduced by a Tory government.


Here are 5 ways Scottish Labour would use Scotland’s social security powers: https://t.co/5BvQNaX3Ex pic.twitter.com/hykmyUKXSR

— Scottish Labour (@scottishlabour) 10 April 2017


 A Labour government will transform the social security system so that, like the NHS, it is there for us all in our time of need.

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