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The Covid enquiry

I am quite happy for any of my emails, texts and other messages received by  Ministers and the NHS during covid to be considered and published as part of the covid enquiry if that helps and results from their release by the Ministers and officials who lie at the heart...Read More »

Green Party calls for inflation proof pay rise for nurses and reintroduction of bursaries to help stop undermining African health systems

6 June 2023

Responding to reports that the recruitment of nurses by high-income countries from poorer nations such as Ghana is “out of control” and leaving health systems struggling due to a “brain-drain” [1], Carla Denyer, co-leader of the Green Party said:

“The recruitment of nurses from Ghana and other...Read More »

My Intervention in the Illegal Migration Statement

John Redwood (Wokingham, Conservative):
If we reduced the waiting time from, say, a year to three months when making a decision on an illegal migrant, would that not cut the accommodation and other public service costs by three quarters and relieve a lot of the pressure? What is a reasonable...Read More »

My Interview with Talk TV

Please see my interview with Talk TV where we discussed the need for tax cuts, scrapping IR35 and inheritance tax

You can find it between 2:09:01 and 2:19:00

...Read More »

Letter to Business Secretary

Dear Kemi

The UK  vehicle industry is being badly damaged by the threat to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars from 2030. This is sooner than our main competitors, leaves insufficient time to create EV models people want and can afford and destroys a very successful UK ICE industry. Do...Read More »

Heat Pumps are not popular

The government is keen to promote heat pumps for others, yet the uptake by Ministers and senior officials is still low. I would be more impressed if those recommending them had personal experience of them first. The German government seeking to accelerate their adoption by proposing to end oil and...Read More »

Stop the net zero policies that will add to CO2 and damage the UK economy

I have long been arguing that the UK government should not be taxing, regulating and banning its way to net zero, as that will collapse business here, lead to more imports, and fail to save the world as they wish.  I have argued that the Green revolution can only work...Read More »

Will anyone save the Uk car industry?

The UK government actively encouraged and supported by the opposition parties wants to shut down all the UK’s manufacturing capacity to make petrol and diesel cars by 2030. It is true their method is to ban UK purchases of new vehicles, but the intent and the likely consequence is to...Read More »

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