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The Rwanda Plan meets political reality

Today a large number of Conservative MPs will be mulling over the legal advice and predictions for Mr Sunak’s Rwanda scheme.

Five of the Conservative groups who want to end illegal migration and think the UK Parliament should instruct  all courts accordingly will be told this draft bill does not do...Read More »

The policy options on migration

The PM has to consider what to do with the draft Bill in the light of reactions to it and the Parliamentary arithmetic I set out yesterday.

There is no point in amending the bill in the way One Nation and the Opposition want. A weaker bill would lead to more...Read More »

Voting arithmetic on the Rwanda Bill

It is one thing for the Prime Minister to want to stop the small boats. Who sensibly disagrees? It is another to voice the right way to do this, and to gather the votes needed to bring it about. The draft law he has proposed now has to find its...Read More »

The John Redwood Interview – Getting us back on track – Facts4EU

The John Redwood Interview – Getting us back on track

Sir John summarises the economic benefits of Brexit and what can now be seized, given political will. 10 minutes of Brexit gold for those who love the idea of a fully independent, prosperous UK.

Facts4EU Report: https://facts4eu.org/news/2023_dec_the_redwood_interview

Facts4EU Twitter: https://x.com/Facts4euOrg/status/1733020501314826704?s=20

Facts4EU Facebook:...Read More »

The government needs to work out the costs of providing for migrants

Now the government wants to control legal migration it needs to calculate the costs of new legal migrants into low paid jobs to taxpayers. The government now we are out of the EU can make legal migration any amount it likes, from the 750,000 it was at its peak to...Read More »

Happy Hanukkah

Today, on behalf of the Liberal Democrats, I want to wish our Jewish friends in the UK and around the world a Happy Hanukkah. 

As you head into eight days of festivities, gathering with family and friends, I am...Read More »

Losing a Home Secretary and an Immigration Minister is careless

Robert Jenrick did not come to his conclusions on immigration through ideology. Asked to be Immigration Minister he approached it cautiously. He formed his view that we needed to be a lot tougher from his day by day experiences . He saw at first hand how young fit men came...Read More »

Rwanda plans are an affront to democracy and human rights, say Greens  

6 December 2023

Responding to the government publishing plans to disapply sections of the Human Rights Act to get around a Supreme Court ruling banning the deportation of people seeking asylum to Rwanda for processing, Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer said: 

“The fact that the government is going...Read More »

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