More than 2,000 fines issued to Scots city motorists for unroadworthy vehicles


18 Jul 2020

More than 2,000 fixed penalties have been issued to motorists in Scotland’s cities for vehicles which aren’t road worthy in the last year.

New figures reveal more than a quarter were handed out for emissions code-busting motors as local authorities strive to drive down greenhouse gases in city centres.

Scottish Conservative shadow justice secretary Liam Kerr praised Police Scotland for ensuring the highest level of safety is maintained on some of the country’s busiest streets, while ensuring emissions regulations are met.

But he warned police shouldn’t be left to handle SNP failures in meeting Scotland’s carbon reduction commitments.

Plans to implement low emission zones (LEZs) in all cities — Glasgow’s was in place in 2018 — have been put on hold due to COVID-19.

A total of 1,014 penalty notices were issued in Glasgow, the highest number in Scotland.

Of these, 612 were given for the general condition of the vehicle such as an illegal exhaust. A further 292 were issued for registration or identification mark offences and 110 for lighting offences.

Mr Kerr said: 

“I commend Police Scotland for clamping down on vehicles which aren’t suitable for our roads but they shouldn’t be left to pick up the pieces of the SNP’s poor handling of meeting Scotland’s carbon reduction commitments.

“There are serious issues here which can’t be ignored and more needs to be done to make electric vehicles more attractive for people to use.

“At the moment, the Scottish Government needs to listen to motorists concerns about the standardisation, the location and the quantity of electric charging points.”

Aberdeen was the second highest, with 600 penalty notices issued for illegal vehicles.

Motorists in Dundee received a total of 398 fixed penalties while 182 were given to drivers in Edinburgh.

Fines for driving a vehicle which isn’t road worthy can vary between £50 and £300.

Mr Kerr added: “It’s not acceptable to risk driving a vehicle which isn’t suitable for the road, putting lives at risk in the process.

“While the MOT extension scheme is in place, the SNP have a duty to ensure drivers are aware there is still a responsibly to keep vehicles roadworthy – this is a message that must be made clear.

“The Scottish Conservatives have set out a number of ideas and measures that we would like to introduce to encourage the take-up and growth in ownership of vehicles which are more environment friendly.”

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