Labour voters: lend us your vote to stop Sturgeon


10 Nov 2019

The Scottish Conservatives have today (Sunday) asked Labour voters to ‘lend us your vote’ to stop Nicola Sturgeon getting a second independence referendum.

Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Richard Leonard and Scottish Labour candidates have made it clear they will not ‘block’ or ‘stand in the way’ of the SNP’s drive for independence.

Sturgeon has said she is ready to ‘do a deal’ to put Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street in exchange for another referendum.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister and every Scottish Conservative MP reiterated this week that we will oppose a second independence referendum whatever the circumstances.

Annie Wells, Scottish Conservative MSP for Glasgow, has written an open letter calling on pro-Union Labour voters across Scotland to put aside their differences and join together to stop the SNP.

Annie grew up in a Labour household and her mother worked for former Labour MP Michael Martin.

Annie Wells, Scottish Conservative MSP for Glasgow said:

“Labour and Conservative supporters won’t agree on every issue. But most of us can agree that we want to stop Nicola Sturgeon from getting indyref2. 

“It’s clearer every day that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour won’t stand up to the SNP. Corbyn is ready to give Nicola Sturgeon another referendum as the price for the keys to Number 10.

“So this isn’t about choosing whether you’re Labour or Conservative. I’m just asking you to lend your vote to the Scottish Conservatives so we can all tell her again, we said no in 2014 and we meant it. 

“Please help us send Sturgeon a message that we do not want to be divided any more. We are fed up with referendums and we’re fed up with Nicola Sturgeon. 

“Only your vote this time for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party can stop her.”

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