Greens call for Dubs scheme to be reopened as legal challenge launched


20 June 2017

*Co-leader Jonathan Bartley: “We believe that when someone comes to your home seeking your help, you do not point them to the exit”

The Green Party has called for the Dubs scheme to be reinstated as a High Court challenge is launched today, on World Refugee Day [1].

Charity Help Refugees has accused the Government of failing to properly assess councils’ capacity to take in unaccompanied minors under the Dubs Amendment [2].

Jonathan Bartley, Green Party co-leader, said:

“In the last few weeks the British public have thrown open their doors to stranded strangers, defended people from heinous attacks, and rallied round to give donations of clothing, food, and money to those left homeless. So I know that when this Government turns away child refugees seeking sanctuary, they do so not as representatives of the beliefs or values of the British people.

“At a conservative estimate, 90,000 child refugees are believed to have been forced from their homes by wars in the Middle East – wars, let’s remember, that we have a played a part in. Of those this Government promised to accept 3000 but have closed the door at just 480. That’s 0.5% of the total numbers seeking refuge. 0.5% accepted to the fifth biggest economy in the world. It’s cruel and it’s shameful.

“The Green Party fully supports Help Refugees’ call for the reinstatement of the Dubs Amendment to allow child refugees a safe passage to Britain because we believe that when someone comes to your home seeking your help, you do not point them to the exit. When you have promised to do your bit to help the global community, you do not drop the ball and shrug your shoulders. Having witnessed the incredible spirit of the British public over these last few weeks I know that we will win this fight and we will create, together, a more caring Britain representative of its people.”



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