Caroline Lucas: ‘Environment-shaped hole’ in Repeal Bill


13 July 2017

Caroline Lucas, the co-leader of the Green Party, has said that there is an ‘environment-shaped hole’ in the Repeal Bill which the Government published today [1].

Lucas is specifically concerned that the bill lacks provision for enforcing environmental laws.

She said:

“There’s an enormous environment-shaped hole in the Government’s Brexit plans. The Repeal Bill may transfer EU laws onto the British statute, but there’s no provision here for ensuring that these laws are properly enforced by institutions in the UK. The Government knows that this simple transfer isn’t enough to ensure that our environment is protected – and their refusal to legislate for specific environmental protections and enforcement is reckless. 

“I’ll be working with fellow MPs to table amendments to the Repeal Bill, specifically in order to force the Government to ensure that environmental laws are properly enforced as we go through the Brexit process.”




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