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HKMA issues alert regarding specific website

The following is issued on behalf of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority:

     The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) wishes to alert members of the public in Hong Kong that Shao Bank as referred to on the website ( does not have the authorization of the Monetary Authority (MA) under the Banking Ordinance (the Ordinance) to carry on banking business, or the business of taking deposits, in Hong Kong; and Shao Bank does not have the approval of the MA to establish a local representative office in Hong Kong under the Ordinance.
     Given the global nature of the Internet, members of the public are reminded to verify the status of any organisation making use of the Internet to offer bank accounts to, or to solicit deposits from, the public in Hong Kong prior to transferring any funds to, or providing any personal information to, any such organisation.
     A list of authorized institutions is available on the HKMA’s website ( Members of the public may also check the status of any entity which appears to be soliciting deposits from the public in Hong Kong, or holding itself out as a bank or deposit-taking company in Hong Kong, by emailing the HKMA’s public enquiry service (
     Anyone who has transferred monies or conducted any financial transaction, or who has provided personal information, in response to, or via, the above Website should contact the Police at any local Police Station or by calling the Crime Wing Information Centre of the Hong Kong Police Force at 2860 5012. read more

Appointment of Legal Adviser

The following is issued on behalf of the Legislative Council Secretariat:

     The Legislative Council (LegCo) Secretariat announced today (March 21) that The Legislative Council Commission (the Commission) had approved the appointment of Mr Timothy Tso, serving Principal Assistant Legal Adviser of the Secretariat, to succeed Ms Connie Fung as Legal Adviser of the Secretariat. The Commission conducted an open recruitment exercise to fill the post of Legal Adviser upon the retirement of Ms Fung in August 2023, and appointed an executive search firm to assist in the recruitment work. The suitability of serving staff members of the Secretariat and outside candidates was considered in the same exercise.    

     Mr Tso will become Legal Adviser (Designate) from July 11, 2023 to facilitate handover arrangements. He will formally take up the post of Legal Adviser from August 11, 2023 upon Ms Fung’s retirement on the same day. Mr Tso possesses extensive professional knowledge in constitutional, legal and procedural matters and has rich management and legal experience. Prior to joining the Secretariat in 2007 as an Assistant Legal Adviser, he worked in the Department of Justice of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) as Government Counsel. At the Secretariat, he was promoted to Senior Assistant Legal Adviser in 2015 and appointed as Principal Assistant Legal Adviser in 2021.     

     Ms Connie Fung joined the Secretariat in 1996 as an Assistant Legal Adviser and was promoted to Senior Assistant Legal Adviser and Legal Adviser in 2009 and 2015 respectively. She plays a pivotal role in advising on the legal, constitutional and procedural issues relating to the business of the Council, and has made great contributions to the LegCo. She was awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star by the HKSAR in 2021. In her remaining tenure, Ms Fung will continue to lead the Legal Service Division to provide a high level of professional support for the Council, LegCo Members and the Secretariat. read more

Public urged to receive seasonal influenza vaccination early

     The Government today (March 21) urged members of the public, especially the elderly and children, to receive seasonal influenza vaccination (SIV) as early as practicable for personal protection.

     “The local seasonal influenza activity has been staying at low levels over the past three years, so the immunity against influenza in the local community as a whole may be relatively weaker than in the past. We also observed elevated influenza activity in some countries or areas of the northern hemisphere in the past few months, and some have even reached peak season. Given that members of the public do not need to wear a mask mandatorily since March 1 this year, the risk for influenza transmission will become higher and members of the public should not lower their guard. As of March 19, about 1.5 million doses of SIV had been administered via the Government Vaccination Programme and the Vaccination Subsidy Scheme (VSS), representing a roughly 23 per cent rise over the same period in 2021/22 season. The influenza vaccination coverage rate for the elderly aged 65 or above has reached 47 per cent. While the vaccination coverage rate for children below 18 years of age is almost 40 per cent, that for toddlers aged 6 months to below 2 years is around 8 per cent only. Parents are urged to arrange vaccination for their children as early as possible to reduce the risk of falling seriously ill should they get infected. The Government strongly appeals to members of the public, especially the elderly and children, to receive influenza vaccination early,” a Government spokesman said.  

     SIV is one of the effective means to prevent seasonal influenza and its complications, as well as reduce influenza-related hospitalisation and death. All persons aged 6 months or above, except those with known contraindications, are recommended to receive SIV for personal protection. As it takes about two weeks to develop antibodies, members of the public, particularly persons at higher risk of getting influenza and its complications, including the elderly and children, should receive SIV early.

     Those aged 6 to 48 months may continue to choose to receive both COVID-19 vaccination and free SIV at designated Maternal and Child Health Centres (MCHCs) under the Department of Health (DH) when a reservation is made for them online. Staff of MCHCs will proactively call the parents and during their consultation session at MCHCs explain to them information on COVID-19 vaccination and SIV. By answering parents’ queries on vaccination and eliminating their misunderstandings or worries, they will be encouraged to arrange vaccination for their children.

     Currently, Hong Kong residents aged 50 or above may choose to receive both COVID-19 vaccination and free SIV at Community Vaccination Centres (CVCs). To encourage and facilitate children in getting SIV, from March 22 onwards, Hong Kong residents aged between 6 months and below 18 years may choose to receive free SIV on-site when they are receiving the COVID-19 vaccination at CVCs. They can also make reservations for receiving both COVID-19 vaccination and SIV through the booking system of the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme ( starting from 9am on March 22.

     Meanwhile, to facilitate parents to keep their children’s vaccination records as lifelong personal medical records, the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS) has gradually covered the records of vaccinations under the Government’s VSS, including COVID-19 vaccination records, records under the Hong Kong Childhood Immunisation Programme as stored in the system of the DH, and SIV records which will start to be included in the eHRSS from this quarter onwards. Parents can access their children’s vaccination records via the eHealth mobile app.

     The spokesman reminded members of the public that currently various vaccination venues provide co-administration of COVID-19 vaccine and SIV to eligible persons. The venues include the designated facilities under the Hospital Authority and the DH, CVCs and Private Clinic COVID-19 Vaccination Stations. Details on eligible persons are available at

     The public may call the hotline (2125 2125) or visit the Vaccination Schemes page ( for more information on various SIV schemes. read more

CHP investigates outbreak of upper respiratory tract infection at kindergarten-cum-child care centre

     The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health is today (March 21) investigating an outbreak of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) at a kindergarten-cum-child care centre in Sha Tin, and appeals to members of the public and staff of institutions to stay alert and maintain strict personal and environmental hygiene.

     The outbreak involves 20 students, comprising 10 males and 10 females aged 2 to 6. They developed symptoms since March 18. All of them sought medical attention and none required hospitalisation. All are in stable condition.

     The CHP has provided preventive advice against URTI to the kindergarten-cum-child care centre, such as advising the school to arrange cleaning and disinfection, to open windows where appropriate for better ventilation and to separate affected students from other students, etc. The school has been placed under medical surveillance.

     The public should maintain good personal and environmental hygiene against influenza and other respiratory illnesses, and note the following:
     • Receive seasonal influenza vaccination for personal protection;
     • Surgical masks can prevent transmission of respiratory viruses from ill persons. It is essential for persons who are symptomatic (even if having mild symptoms) to wear a surgical mask;
     • For high-risk persons (e.g. persons with underlying medical conditions or persons who are immunocompromised), wear a surgical mask when taking public transport or staying in crowded places. It is important to wear a mask properly, including performing hand hygiene before wearing and after removing a mask;
     • Avoid touching one’s eyes, mouth and nose;
     • Wash hands with liquid soap and water properly whenever possibly contaminated;
     • When hands are not visibly soiled, clean them with 70 to 80 per cent alcohol-based handrub;
     • Cover the nose and mouth with tissue paper when sneezing or coughing. Dispose of soiled tissue paper properly into a lidded rubbish bin, and wash hands thoroughly afterwards;
     • Maintain good indoor ventilation;
     • When having respiratory symptoms, wear a surgical mask, refrain from work or attending classes at school, avoid going to crowded places and seek medical advice promptly; and
     • Maintain a balanced diet, exercise regularly, take adequate rest, do not smoke and avoid overstress.

     Members of the public, particularly children, the elderly and those with chronic diseases, should consult a doctor promptly if they develop symptoms of respiratory tract infection. read more