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CHP provides update on latest situation of invasive Group B Streptococcus cluster outbreak

     The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH) today (October 28) provided updates on the epidemiological investigations against the cluster outbreak of invasive Group B Streptococcus cases announced earlier, and appealed to members of the public again to refrain from consuming raw freshwater fish and aquatic products, and to handle raw freshwater fish and aquatic products with caution by avoiding contact with wounds.

     The number of reported cases from the Hospital Authority (HA) has apparently decreased in recent one week. Since the last update on October 21 by the CHP, four additional cases of invasive Group B Streptococcus have been reported by the HA.

     For the 92 patients who had tested positive for invasive Group B Streptococcus, the Public Health Laboratory Services Branch (PHLSB) of the DH has completed laboratory analysis of specimens of 87 patients and confirmed that 49 of them belonged to a cluster outbreak with identical sequence type 283 (ST283).

     The 49 cases involved 23 males and 26 females with ages ranging from 31 years to 90 years. They resided in various districts. 32 of the cases had reported a history of handling raw fish and some of them had reported handling with hand wounds. Three of them are kitchen staff of food premises, one is a part-time fishmonger and another is a worker in freshwater fish wholesale market. According to the information from the HA, five out of the 49 cases have died (the cause of death being ascertained) and 22 have been discharged from hospitals.

     The PHLSB of the DH is carrying out genetic sequencing of the fish samples obtained earlier from the local freshwater fish wholesale markets to ascertain whether they are related to the cluster outbreak.

     A spokesman for the CHP again reminded members of the public that they must not eat any freshwater fish sashimi, raw or undercooked freshwater aquatic products. They must wear gloves when handling aquatic products and avoid direct contact with aquatic products or dirty water with bare hands. When buying or handling aquatic products, the public should avoid touching the fish or wear gloves. They should wash hands with liquid soap and water as soon as possible if having contact with raw aquatic products. If a wound is sustained during handling aquatic products, the wound must be cleaned immediately and properly covered with waterproof adhesive dressings. Individuals should seek medical advice promptly when wound infection is found.

LegCo congratulates Hong Kong athletes on their outstanding achievements at National Games for Persons with Disabilities

The following is issued on behalf of the Legislative Council Secretariat:

     The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Delegation (the HKSAR Delegation) to the 11th National Games for Persons with Disabilities and the 8th National Special Olympic Games of the People’s Republic of China (National Games for Persons with Disabilities) has successfully completed all the events. The President of the Legislative Council Mr Andrew Leung, on behalf of all Members, today (October 28) congratulates the HKSAR Delegation on its triumph with 10 gold, one silver and six bronze medals. He also pays tribute to the training teams for their tireless efforts.

     The HKSAR Delegation competed against top athletes of our country in athletics, swimming and table tennis events, demonstrating their achievements after rigorous training over the years. It is even more encouraging to see Hong Kong athletes repeatedly breaking their personal and national records in athletics and swimming events. Mr Leung said, “By showing remarkable willpower in the competitions, Hong Kong athletes have perfectly showcased the unbeatable spirit and sportsmanship. Though the road to success might be bumpy, they strived for excellence and persevered in pursuit of their dreams. Their determination to seek for continuous improvement is admirable.”

     Mr Leung added, “The outstanding results that Hong Kong athletes have repeatedly achieved in major sporting events is a testament to their extraordinary strength. I hope that various sectors in the community will continue to promote the vibrant development of sports in Hong Kong, so that our athletes may continue to excel and make a more glorious history for Hong Kong.” read more

Speech by FS at Lingnan University Gala Dinner 2021 (English only) (with photos/video)

     Following is the speech by the Financial Secretary, Mr Paul Chan, at the Lingnan University (LU) Gala Dinner 2021 this evening (October 28):

Andrew (Council Chairman of LU, Mr Andrew Yao), Leonard (President of LU, Professor Leonard Cheng), Augustine (Council Deputy Chairman of LU, Mr Augustine Wong), distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, 

     Good evening.  

     I am delighted to join you tonight for Lingnan University’s annual Gala Dinner.

     It’s been about three years since I last addressed you. As some of you will recall, I spoke then at a Lingnan University conference on the future of the insurance industry. 

     A little more than a year after that insurance conference, risk management has become a concerted global concern. The world is still struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, though we are in a very good place here in Hong Kong. 

     Lingnan University is also in a very good place. An innovative, liberal arts institution, Lingnan, like Hong Kong itself, combines the best of the East and West. And my sincere thanks to your Deputy Chairman, Augustine , for highlighting some of the recent international honours Lingnan has received. 

     Like Lingnan, the HKSAR Government is committed to nurturing our youth. They are, after all, Hong Kong’s future business, community and government leaders and innovators. And quality education is the key to ensuring that we have all the talent we need and deserve. 

     That’s why, in my recent Budget, I put aside well over $100 billion HKD to meet our recurrent expenditure on education. That, ladies and gentlemen, accounts for nearly 20 per cent of our total recurrent expenditure. 

     As for university spending, this Government has invested nearly $30 billion HKD in a variety of policy measures to boost academic research. In addition, $26 billion has been made available to upgrade or build new teaching and research-related facilities.

     We’re building for our youth, and for the future. And that future will, thanks to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development, greatly expand our opportunities and horizons, taking us from our domestic market from 7.5 million people to a market of more than 86 million.

     Those opportunities will extend to education. And the Government supports our post-secondary institutions in offering educational services in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Creating educational partnerships there to showcase the manifold strengths of our tertiary institutions, while demonstrating Hong Kong’s far-reaching promise as an education hub for the region and beyond. 

     So you have to know I was pleased to hear that Lingnan University recently signed a Letter of Intent on Collaboration with Shenzhen University. Your academic co-operation will include the offering of shared programmes, research and development projects, even the possibility of establishing a joint campus in the GBA. 

     That, ladies and gentlemen, is the future, and you are helping Hong Kong lead the way. 

     For that, and much more, I’m grateful to Lingnan University, its Council, staff and everyone else associated with the institution for your notable accomplishments this past year, and for your continuing progress in elevating the status of tertiaryeducation in Hong Kong.

     I know we will all enjoy this very special evening. 

     Thank you.

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S for S inspects Castle Peak Bay Immigration Centre and Immigration Service Institute of Training and Development (with photos)

     The Secretary for Security, Mr Tang Ping-keung, inspected the Castle Peak Bay Immigration Centre (CIC) and Immigration Service Institute of Training and Development (ISITD) today (October 28) to learn more about their facilities and operation.
     Mr Tang, accompanied by the Director of Immigration, Mr Au Ka-wang, was briefed on the operation and management of the CIC by the centre’s personnel. Mr Tang then inspected various facilities in the CIC, including the dayrooms, dormitories, special units, exercise yard and sick bay. He also met and exchanged views with the centre’s personnel to know more about their work, as well as the difficulties and challenges they face under a heavy workload.
     The CIC is one of the detention facilities of the Immigration Department (ImmD), and has a maximum capacity of 500 detainees. The detainees at the CIC are illegal immigrants, overstayers, or persons refused permission to land in Hong Kong. They are pending removal. Among them, some are non-refoulement claimants. Under the law and prevailing detention policy, the ImmD will consider all the facts and circumstances of any particular case, including whether the person concerned has committed a serious crime and whether there is any risk of the person absconding or reoffending. Regular and timely reviews of each case will also be conducted to determine whether an individual should be further detained.
     Mr Tang then visited the ISITD to learn about its organisation, training programmes and facilities. He also inspected “National Education” and “Immigration Control and Passenger Clearance” classes to gain a deeper understanding of the training provided by the ImmD. Mr Tang said that national education is conducive to trainees’ understanding of national development and helps engender a sense of national identity, which nurtures them into law enforcement officers with a sense of belonging to the country, an affection for Hong Kong and an international perspective.
     Mr Tang took the opportunity to express gratitude to ImmD personnel for upholding the values of “integrity and impartiality” by performing various duties even-handedly and serving the community with dedication and professionalism all along.

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