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Water Supplies Department clarifies rumours

     In response to the discussion on an online platform suspecting that there is problem with the drinking water quality in Hong Kong, the spokesman of the Water Supplies Department emphasised today (October 15) that the drinking water in Hong Kong undergoes rigorous treatment processes and complies fully with the Hong Kong Drinking Water Standards. There is also no abnormality in the data of the routine monitoring of the drinking water quality.

FS attends APEC Finance Ministers’ Retreat in Chile (with photo)

     The Financial Secretary, Mr Paul Chan, yesterday (October 14, Santiago time) attended the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Finance Ministers’ Retreat in Santiago, Chile, to discuss major global economic risks and their impact.

     Before attending the Retreat, he participated in a seminar on the development of disaster risk financing strategies to learn about experience of other economies on that front.

     Mr Chan also met with the Deputy Minister of Finance of Malaysia, Dato’ Haji Amiruddin bin Haji Hamzah, and exchanged views on the latest development of economy and financial markets of both places.

     Mr Chan pointed out that the social incidents over the recent months have not affected Hong Kong’s core competitiveness, and Hong Kong’s financial markets and banking system have been functioning normally in the past few months. Its strong economic fundamentals and ample financial buffers enable Hong Kong to navigate through challenges, including providing suitable support to small and medium enterprises, and to ensure macroeconomic and financial stability.
     As a leading financial centre, Hong Kong’s capital markets and listing platform can support Malaysian companies to raise fund. He expressed the hope that both sides could strengthen co-operation on various fronts, including trade and finance.

     In the evening, Mr Chan attended a gala dinner for the delegates of the APEC Finance Ministers’ Meeting. Today, (October 15, Santiago time), he will participate in various sessions of the Meeting.

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Police apply for Injunction Order for Disciplined Services Quarters and Police Married Quarters

     With a view to upholding public order and ensuring the safety of Police officers and their family members who are residing in Disciplined Services Quarters and Police Married Quarters (the Quarters), Police yesterday (October 14) sought assistance from the Department of Justice to apply for an Injunction Order (HCA 1886/2019) for the Quarters to restrain:
(i)  unlawfully and wilfully obstructing, occupying or remaining on or hindering or preventing the passing or repassing of any road or passageway, whether vehicular or pedestrian, in the portion of public roads;
(ii)  damaging or defacing any part of the Quarters, entering any part of the Quarters without prior authorisation; interfering with the use and enjoyment of the Quarters by the residents thereat (including but not limited to entering the Quarters; obstructing or preventing access to any of the entrances of the Quarters; projecting light of such intensity and/or frequency that is capable of reducing a viewer’s ability to see or producing any sensation of discomfort to any viewer onto any part of the Quarters by the use of laser emitting tool or equipment, spot light or flash light; and
(iii)  inciting, aiding or abetting any person to do any of the above acts
     Since August this year, there have been repeated instances in which large crowds targeting Police officers and their families had surrounded various Quarters. Wong Tai Sin Disciplined Services Quarters was one of the most regularly and seriously besieged Quarters. Other Quarters were also stormed and the level of violence has been escalating in recent weeks. For instance, in the small hours of October 5, six petrol bombs, two paint bombs, two acid bombs and other hard objects were hurled into the Sheung Shui Police Married Quarters.
     Such escalating illegal acts have caused serious harassment and inconvenience to the residing officers of Police and other disciplinary forces as well as other tenants of the Quarters, endangering their personal safety and even resulting in mental distress. Facilities of the Quarters were also severely damaged.
     Since there have been relevant malicious remarks in social media, the risk of reoccurrence of the above vandalism and storming act is deemed extremely high. There are also other evidences indicating the likelihood of reoccurrence of similar incidents which may pose relevant threat and constitute harassment/vandalism.
     In view of the above, the Secretary for Justice made an application for the Injunction Order, which was heard and allowed by the Court of First Instance.  The sealed copies of the Injunction Order, once obtained, will be published shortly onto relevant Government websites as well as the webpage of Hong Kong Police Force. It will also be posted at conspicuous locations of the Quarters.
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