Webinar: Why do laboratories get it wrong?


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Michael Walker will talk in detail about the process involved in the resolution of technical disputes in the UK official food control system after an introduction by Julian Braybrook

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During this first webinar in June 2020, which will take place instead of the Government Chemist conference, now postponed until June 2021, Dr Michael Walker, Head of the Office of the Government Chemist and Referee Analyst, will discuss common issues leading to appeals for referee analysis.

The webinar will start with an introduction by Dr Julian Braybrook on the role of the Government Chemist. Dr Michael Walker will describe the technical appeal safeguard and the control system in the often complex cases where appeal has been invoked. Michael will reflect on lessons on why labs can produce discordant results in many areas including food allergens, contaminants, choking hazards, food additives, veterinary and pesticides residues and GMOs.

The webinar will take place live on 24 June at 15.00 (UK time) and there will be opportunity for questions.

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Published 2 June 2020

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