UN Human Rights Council 42: Statement for the Universal Periodic Review on Ethiopia


The Human Rights Council takes place in Geneva.

The United Kingdom welcomes Ethiopia’s continued engagement with the UPR.

We welcome Ethopia’s acceptance of all three of the UK’s recommendations, including enhanced efforts at the Federal level to prevent abuses by intervening in conflicts to ensure the rule of law and the facilitation of local peace settlements.

The UK also commends Ethiopia’s acceptance of recommendations on human trafficking, truth and reconciliation, as well as its commitment to undertake effective and impartial investigations, and ensure redress for victims of human rights violations and abuses.

However the UK is concerned about the continuing high levels of displacement of people in Ethiopia resulting from ongoing ethnic conflicts. The UK also urges the Government of Ethiopia to implement a moratorium on the use of the Death Penalty.

We recognise and commend the efforts taken by the Government of Ethiopia in the past year to reform legislation which constrained civil and political rights, including the new civil society legislation and draft media proclamations. A sustained, thorough capacity building process is now required to ensure democratic institutions in Ethiopia fulfil their constitutional mandate. The UK reiterates its offer of support to the Government of Ethiopia to assist with human rights protection and promotion.

Published 20 September 2019

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