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The Week in Review

This week’s round up includes plans to consult on the use and regulation of fireworks, 50 years of the Parole Board for Scotland and the latest on the Age of Criminal Responsibility Bill.

Fireworks consultation

Community Safety Minister Ash Denham announced plans for a consultation on the use and regulation of fireworks in Scotland.

Fireworks are often associated with celebration and can be a route for bringing communities together but if used inappropriately or without respect for others fireworks can cause distress or even physical injury to people and animals. The consultation will inform any actions that the Scottish Government could take to reduce the negative impact of firework use.

Actions could include increased restrictions on where and when fireworks can be used; improved access to advice and support to reduce the anti-social impact of fireworks; and new national guidance to support local partner agencies.

Evidence will also influence Ms Denham’s ongoing discussions with UK Government about legislation governing the sale of fireworks, which is currently reserved.

Age of Criminal Responsibility

The Scottish Parliament voted to endorse the general principles of the Age of Criminal Responsibility  Bill in its Stage One debate. It will see Scotland lead the way in the UK, ensuring no child under 12 will receive a criminal record.

Parole Board’s half century

On Wednesday, the Justice Secretary celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Parole Board for Scotland at its annual conference. He reflected on the way the parole system has changed since the board’s creation and, looking to the future, gave an insight into broad themes that will be covered in the consultation on parole in Scotland.

The consulation will be launched this year and will seek views on a range of issues including how to strengthen the voice of victims and their families in the parole process and how to make parole processes more open and transparent.

Hate crime consultation goes live

Mr Yousaf joined Communities Secretary Aileen Campbell and Lord Advocate James Wolffe to launch the Scottish Government’s consultation on hate crime.

‘One Scotland: Hate Has No Home Here’ follows on from Lord Bracadale’s review of existing hate crime legislation in Scotland which included recommendations that additional statutory aggravations should be created for age and gender.

And finally…

Mr Yousaf marked the first birthday of SEMLA, the Scottish Ethnic Minority Lawyers’ Association, and the official launch of the Lord Craighead scholarship scheme.

He said: “A career in law should be open to all groups and all backgrounds to ensure the legal profession – and Scotland – benefits from their ideas, their talents and their potential to provide access to justice for all. Diversity is not a tick box, not something that is ‘nice to do’; it is a necessity.”

The CashBack for Communities Youth Work Fund is now open for applications. If you work with young people aged 10 to 24, take a look at the funding criteria. The closing date is 7 December.

The analysis of the consultation on a statutory Appropriate Adult service was published, showing broad support for government proposals.

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The week in review

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