“Sticking the word green in front of a plan doesn’t make it Green” 


Responding to Labour’s plans unveiled today that see them pledge £7.3bn to accelerate the green transition, Green Party Co-Leader, Carla Denyer, said,

“Sticking the word ‘green’ in front of a plan doesn’t make it Green.

“Far from it in Labour’s case.

“The headline figure of £7.3bn falls massively short of the £40bn per year that Greens have committed to spend.

“Our priorities for a truly Green transition include retrofitting homes to make them warmer and cheaper to run, investing in modern electric railways, investing in our sewage and wastewater infrastructure.

“Issues that the Labour Party are silent on.

“We can afford to do this because we are honest about the need to tax those with the broadest shoulders more.

“Labour, like the Conservatives, are part of a conspiracy of silence around tax and spend.

“They keep telling you they won’t tax more but then keep up an illusion that front line services and infrastructure investment won’t be impacted.

“Don’t believe them.

“Vote for a party offering real change and real hope.”

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