“Saying sorry is not enough”: Greens call for water companies to be brought into public ownership


18 May 2023

The Green Party has reiterated its call for water companies to be brought into public ownership after Water UK apologised for presiding over a rising tide of sewage discharges.

Green Party co-leader Adrian Ramsay said:

“Rivers and coastlines up and down the country have faced years of assault at the hands of the water companies and a government that has refused to act.

“Saying sorry is simply not enough – and suggesting that the public has to pay for any improvements, after £57bn has been paid out in payouts to shareholders over the last 30 years [1], just adds insult to injury.

“Currently water companies can, almost with impunity, dump sewage into our rivers, waterways and coastal waters with an appalling cost to public health and our wildlife. This situation cannot go on.

“For decades, money that should have been invested in improved infrastructure has been trousered by water company executives and shareholders. 

“Only the Greens have the courage to challenge this failed experiment with privatisation and to say that a service as vital as water and sewage needs to be run by the public and for the public good.

“Shareholder payouts need to be halted with immediate effect and, ultimately, the water supply needs to be brought back into public ownership at the earliest practicable opportunity in order to end leaks, stop sewage discharges and cut bills.”





For more information or to arrange an interview contact the press office on press@greenparty.org.uk or call 0203 691 9401

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