Press release: Wolverhampton father who planned fatal robbery will spend longer in prison


Colin Raymond Cooke, who conspired with his son Paul Cooke to commit a robbery that resulted in the victim’s murder, has had his prison term extended following a referral by the Attorney General.

Mr Cooke Snr, 62, was sentenced in May before the Crown Court at Wolverhampton to 7 years imprisonment for the robbery offence, with 30 months imprisonment to be served concurrently for helping his son to avoid the police after committing a murder.

Repeat offender Paul Cooke was released from prison in May 2015. He visited his father later that day and the two plotted to rob the home of Cooke Snr’s friend, who they knew hid cash in his home. The next evening, Paul Cooke entered the victim’s home and stabbed him to death, making off with all the cash he and his accomplice could find.

The victim’s decomposing body was not found until a month after the murder. DNA underneath the victim’s fingernails linked the murder to Paul Cooke and an unknown male.

Mr Cooke Snr proceeded to dispose of his son’s phone in an effort to hide him from the police.

Attorney General Jeremy Wright QC MP argued that the original sentence given to Cooke Snr was unduly lenient. The Court of Appeal has today increased his total sentence to 11 years and 6 months.

Speaking after the hearing, the Attorney General said: “This was a well planned robbery, where an innocent person has lost their life. The offender has also shown no remorse in the death of his friend. I am pleased the Court of Appeal has increased the sentence.”

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