Only Greens have plan to give nature a voice


Responding to today’s Restore Nature Now march in London, co-leader of the Green Party Carla Denyer said:   

“The march in London today, calling on politicians to prioritise nature and climate, gets our full backing. The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. Action is essential and needed urgently.

“People from all over the country want to give a voice to nature in this election and Greens are the only party with a plan to fully do that. Green MPs will make it a priority to push for a new Rights of Nature Act.

“Greens are also the only party calling for water companies to be taken back into public ownership so we can end both the scandal of sewage pouring into our rivers and seas and stop billions in profits leaking out to shareholders and fat cat salaries.

“We also want to triple support to farmers over the next parliament so they can make the transition to nature-friendly farming and produce healthy affordable food.

“There would be no new oil and gas licenses under the Greens, and we want to introduce a carbon tax to make polluters pay and provide money to invest in the green transition. Greens have a plan for the UK achieve net zero by 2040 at the very latest.”


See our manifesto commitments on Bringing Nature Back to Life:   

Full manifesto: 

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