News story: New infocus women in innovation photography exhibition opens


Innovate UK has joined up with Getty images and UK photographer, Amelia Troubridge, to host a new photography exhibition.

The infocus women in innovation exhibition challenges the perception of what it looks like to be a female innovator in 2017. The exhibition is part of Innovate UK’s infocus campaign aimed at increasing the low number of women entrepreneurs applying for funding.

Research shows that:

  • gender diverse companies are 15% more likely to deliver better financial returns
  • Getty Images online searches for ‘female business executive’ have increased 350% and ‘female entrepreneur’ by 66% over the past 2 years
  • the proportion of UK women in entrepreneurial activity is around half the level of men
  • only 14% of all people working in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) are women

Entrepreneur Jenna Bowen, founder of Cotton Mouton Diagnostics, in front of her photograph.

The exhibition profiles 12 of the winners of the women in innovation awards, Innovate UK’s funding competition open only to women. Their innovations range from the optimisation of cancer treatment and the creation of sustainable alternatives to animal products to air-pollution and waste solutions.

The exhibition also celebrates the differences and diversity among this group of female innovators – such as background, age, education, location and approach.

Dr Ruth McKernan, Innovate UK Chief Executive, commented:

Research shows that harnessing the skills of female entrepreneurs would significantly enhance UK economic growth and improve the breadth of management teams.

One barrier identified from our own analysis is the relative lack of female role models. What better way to address this than to partner with Getty Images, the world’s leading image database and Amelia Troubridge, the world-renowned photographer, to showcase some amazing women?

Dr Ruth McKernan, Innovate UK chief executive, at the launch of the Amelia Troubridge exhibition.

Innovate UK launched the infocus programme in 2016. Its aims are to:

  • get more women innovating in business
  • give female entrepreneurs the support they need to grow their businesses
  • create new role models for the next generation

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