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Brexit won't fix Britain's burning issues

Two and a half years ago, on the steps of Downing Street, the Prime Minister promised to tackle society’s burning injustices.

My constituents elected me to fight for a People’s Vote and to keep our Union together.

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Demand better than Brexit

For more than two years, the Liberal Democrats have been leading the fight on Brexit. And it’s working – a year ago, less than 20% of the British people wanted a final say – now a majority of the public want to have their say.

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A national humiliation

The Prime Minister has spent 18 months putting together a compromise Brexit deal that doesn’t deliver on what the Brexiteers promised and pleases no one

Theresa May is making a mess out of Brexit and her deal is a national humiliation.

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No deal cannot be an option

On Tuesday night, thanks to Lib Dem MPs, the Government lost on a Finance Bill for the first time in 41 years. We won a vote on a cross-party amendment that demonstrates to the Government that a majority of MPs are opposed to no deal.

The Government's Dad's Army approach to Brexit is risking chaos

No deal Brexit could mean road closures and gridlock at Portsmouth International Port. Three times as many lorries could pass through, causing disruption and pollution.

The Government is trying to force Theresa May’s Brexit deal through Parliament – it’s not working.

This is yet another display of Government incompetence. It’s taking...Read More »

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