Labour’s eco policies a “bitter disappointment” say Greens


Responding to the ranking of different party manifestos released today by Britain’s leading environmental groups, Green Party Co-Leader, Carla Denyer said,  

“These rankings show what most of us already know.  

“Greens are the party that has the strongest fully costed policies for the environment. 

“If you want green, then you need to vote Green.  

“Labour’s green policies are bitterly disappointing, even in the context of the dire Conservative offering.  

“Every single Green vote on 4th July will push the Labour government to be bolder and better on important issues – no more so than on the environment.”  

She continued,  

“We’ve seen the Labour party U-turn on their once-flagship green policy of £28bn climate investment.  

“And that’s before they even get into government.  

“The environmental NGOs are clear that Labour’s lack of green funding hamstrings their offering.  

“Without being honest about how they’ll fund their climate policies, the Labour manifesto is all talk and no trousers. 

“A group of Green MPs will work tirelessly in Westminster to defend against any further Labour U-turns, keep Labour honest, and make the case to invest in our future.”  

An overview of the analysis is available on the websites of Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace UK.

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