Greens offer snap reaction to #ITVDebate


Speaking from the ITV spin room, Green Party Co-Leader, Zack Polanski, gave a snap reaction to the ITV Debate saying: 

“Tonight the greens hopeful and ambitious vision for Britain clearly connected with the audience.

“We saw a battle of ideas on an equal platform.

“Voters were shown the full spread of electoral possibility.

“And while the tired rhetoric of the old parties looked isolated on stage tonight, the Greens hopeful and ambitious vision for Britain clearly resonated with the audience.

“Whether it was real investment in the NHS, an uplift in teachers’ pay or celebrating the role of immigration to our country.”

He continued, “Tonight Greens took to the national stage confident that our message of real hope and real change is resonating with more voters than ever before.

“People experienced for themselves how Greens offer a real alternative to the Conservative and Labour consensus.”

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