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Greens back plans to end HIV transmissions by 2030: A prize within our grasp

11 March 2023

Green Party conference today backed plans to end HIV transmissions by 2030. [1]

Green Party Health spokesperson Dr Pallavi Devulapalli said:

“There is a viable plan to end new cases of HIV in this country after 40 years of hard work and struggle.

“What a prize is within...Read More »

Greens repeat call to re-join EU as soon as political situation favourable

11 March 2023

The Green Party has reiterated that full membership of the EU remains the best option for the UK and has repeated its pledge to pursue a policy to re-join as soon as the political situation is favourable to do so. 

Members at the Party’s Spring conference in Birmingham...Read More »

Issue of desperate refugees should not be used as a political football, say Greens

11 March 2023

The Green Party is standing firmly with Gary Lineker over his suspension from Match of the Day.

At the party’s conference in Birmingham this afternoon [1] Co-leader Adrian Ramsay addressed sanctions placed on the football pundit for comments made on social media relating to the latest cruel...Read More »

Greens call for trade deal suspension to protect whales and dolphins

11 March 2023

Green Party conference today in Birmingham (Saturday 11 March) backed calls on the government to suspend a post-Brexit trade deal with the Faroe Islands until whale and dolphin hunts end. [1]

Green Party Natural World spokesperson Jonathan Elmer said:

“This is a real test for post-Brexit Britain. We...Read More »

Greens call for end to all shareholder payouts until water companies sort their sewage out

11 March 2023

The Green Party has called for a halt to all further dividends to water company shareholders until the privatised monopolies end dumping sewage into the UK’s waterways and coasts.

Green Party co-leader Adrian Ramsay will make the announcement during an address to members at the Green Party’s...Read More »

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