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Green peer reacts to reports of a possible cut to fuel duty

25 August 2019

Responding to reports of a possble cut to fuel duty (1), Green peer Jenny Jones has said:


“The UK has declared a climate emergency, there’s grave global concern about the Amazon, ‘the lungs of the world’, being consumed by fire, and yet what we hear from our Prime Minister...Read More »

Green Party Education Spokesperson: A-levels do not reflect 21st-century skills needs

15 August 2019

Commenting on today’s A-levels results, Vix Lowthion, Green Party Education Spokeperson and a secondary teacher who was with her pupils as they got the results this morning, said:

“This morning I was looking at the nervousness of students, teachers and parents and reflecting how A-levels are high-stakes testing.

“Pupils feel...Read More »

Green Party calls for move away from failed 'War on Drugs'

15 August 2019


Responding to the news that drug-related deaths in England and Wales are the highest they have been since records began more than a quarter of a century ago (1), Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack said:

“We are seeing in these figures the huge human cost of the ‘War...Read More »

Green MEP at "Stand with Kashmir" event in London

15 August 2019


London’s Green MEP Scott Ainslie will today be attending the “Stand With Kashmir” event in Trafalgar Square, which starts at 5pm.

In advance of the event, Scott said: “Security in Kashmir can only come from the respect of human rights and self-determination. Time and time again UN agencies and human right...Read More »

Green MP Caroline Lucas responds to Labour no-confidence proposal

14 August 2019

Responding to a letter received this evening from Jeremy Corbyn about co-operation in the coming month in parliament, Green MP Caroline Lucas said:

 “We absolutely support and welcome Jeremy Corbyn’s call for a vote of no-confidence in order to avoid the catastrophe of the so-called ‘No Deal’. ...Read More »

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