Green Party calls for inflation proof pay rise for nurses and reintroduction of bursaries to help stop undermining African health systems


6 June 2023

Responding to reports that the recruitment of nurses by high-income countries from poorer nations such as Ghana is “out of control” and leaving health systems struggling due to a “brain-drain” [1], Carla Denyer, co-leader of the Green Party said:

“The recruitment of nurses from Ghana and other poorer countries shows that the impacts of years of Tory austerity and underfunding of the NHS is having ripple effects beyond our borders. The staff shortages and recruitment crisis facing the NHS is a direct result of Conservative government policies on pay and training. 

“Neither does a £3bn cut in overseas aid help given the context of a global shortage of health workers [2]. The Green Party would double Overseas Development Aid from the current 0.5% of GNP to 1%.   

“Poorer African countries can ill afford to lose nurses, and people in these countries are dying as a result. The WHO has drawn up a list of developing countries that should not be targeted when actively recruiting health or care professionals and NHS employers should be alert to this list [3]. 

“The UK can afford to pay nurses more and invest properly in our NHS, it’s just a question of political priorities. The Green Party would increase nurses’ pay in line with inflation and restore nurses’ bursaries, paid for through a tax on the super-rich. This would go a long way to solving the staffing crisis currently afflicting the NHS.” 






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