Fifth OECD Forum on Tax and Crime



A Whole of Government Approach

7-8 November 2017

London, United Kingdom

Financial crimes threaten the strategic, political and economic interests of all countries. Illicit financial flows strip resources that could finance the long term development of developing countries. Criminals adapt quickly to take advantage of new opportunities for financial gain, frequently outpacing the legislative changes designed to combat them. Working together, both internationally and using a whole of government approach, is necessary to tackle these crimes more effectively.

Senior policy makers from tax administrations, Ministries of Finance and Justice, Financial Intelligence Units, and other law enforcement agencies with responsibility for policy and operational work in this area, are invited to participate. This event will provide a unique opportunity to come together and discuss the global response to the changing nature of tax crimes and other financial crimes.

Key topics for discussion will include:

  • Data challenges and opportunities in fighting financial crimes.
  • Showcasing examples of effective action against professionals who enable tax crime.
  • Strengthening our ability to work with other domestic law enforcement agencies, across government, with the private sector and internationally.
  • The changing nature of tax crime – modern challenges and new problems for tax investigators.
  • Enhancing financial crime investigations by improving links with corruption authorities.

Publications to be released at the event:

This year’s forum will be hosted by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Participation is by invitation only. For more information regarding this event, please contact

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