Defence Academy hosts Capture the Flag challenge


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The Defence Academy has held a Capture the Flag competition which saw personnel from across Defence battle it out in cyber-security challenges.

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Air Marshal Ian Gale, Director General of Joint Force Development, at the event.

Over 50 teams took part in the event which was designed identify future talent and combat skills by testing competitors’ existing skills.

A team from 21 Signals Regiment narrowly took the first-place position, edging up from second place just two minutes before the competition’s end.

One of the aims of the Defence Academy is to deliver a cyber workforce with a consistent cyber operations skill set and a technological edge.

Air Marshal Ian Gale, Director General of Joint Force Development, attended the event and said; “Events like this are crucial in identifying those personnel who have an aptitude for working in the cyber domain.

“As part of Joint Force Command the Defence Academy play a critical role in training and educating our personnel to face the threats of the future.”

Whilst the Defence Academy caters to those already working in Defence there are plenty of resources to develop your own cyber skillset.

The NCSC offer a certified training scheme which offers high quality cyber security training whether you’re a newcomer to the field or have skills you would like to develop further.

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Published 6 July 2022

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