Coningsby Typhoons train in Estonia


Four Typhoons from 3 (Fighter) Squadron have this week been undertaking Air-Land Integration training with the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence battlegroup in Estonia.

The aircraft based at RAF Coningsby have been operating with the British Army Battlegroup currently deployed in Estonia. The training focused on working with the Joint Terminal Attack Controllers and those of NATO allies; Estonia, Latvia and Slovenia.


Joint Terminal Attack Controllers usually known just as JTACs are personnel who are able to direct the action of combat aircraft engaged in close air support and other offensive air operations from a forward position on the ground.

The training has also gave the pilots flying time over an unusual and challenging environment, whilst continuing to build upon strong relationships between the UK and other allied NATO nations.

The UK led multi-national battlegroup, which also has personnel from France and Denmark, is part of the 1st Estonian Infantry Brigade.


It forms part of the wider NATO Enhanced Forward Presence, with multinational forces deployed across the Baltic States and Poland, led by the US, Canada and Germany.

The UK has a further 150 soldiers based in Poland, part of the US led battlegroup and RAF Typhoons have recently completed a four month deployment to Romania, patrolling the Black Sea skies.

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