Companies House retains Customer Service Excellence standard


The Customer Service Excellence standard is an external independent review of the services on offer at an organisation. It’s a continuous improvement tool to help public or private sector organisations provide services that are efficient, effective, and place customers at the heart of the service provision.

The accreditation lasts for 3 years, with organisations being reviewed each year by independent assessors.

How it’s assessed

To achieve the award, organisations need to successfully meet all the assessment criteria. There are 57 elements assessed across 5 key areas:

Our assessment

The assessors review took place in November 2019, with a full day site visit to our Cardiff office.

The assessors spoke with various members of staff including senior management, visited the contact centre and spoke to external customers and key stakeholders. They validated and challenged all of our evidence against the standard.

The outcome

We’re proud to reveal that we’ve retained the Customer Service Excellence standard. In some elements, such as the work we do interacting with our wider and local communities, we’ve exceeded the standard and achieved a compliance plus grading. Compliance plus grading is assessed as exceptional good practice.

The Customer Service Excellence standard helps customers identify us as an organisation that’s committed to providing excellent customer service. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we’re delighted that we’ve been awarded an external accreditation to demonstrate this commitment.

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