Animal medicine seizure notice: TMP Breeding at the Racing Pigeon Show, Doncaster


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Details of seizure notice served to TMP Breeding of Preston by a VMD Inspector attending the Racing Pigeon Show, Doncaster.


The following veterinary medicines were seized on 12 November 2022 by a VMD inspector during the attendance at the Racing Pigeon Show, Doncaster.

  • 38 bottles of “Platteeuw Yellow Drops” (15ml)
  • 11 bottles of “Gold Bird Vital Drops” (30ml)

They are not authorised veterinary medicines in GB or NI.

The medicines were seized under Regulation 26(2) (possession of an unauthorised veterinary medicine with the intent to supply) of the Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2013.

Published 24 November 2022

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