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Press release: Jealous ex has sentence increased after causing GBH

Graham Gawley has had his prison sentence increased after Solicitor General Robert Buckland QC MP referred it to the Court of Appeal

A 53 year old man, Graham Gawley, has had his sentence increased to 4 years 8 months after Solicitor General Robert Buckland QC MP referred the sentence to the Court of Appeal for reconsideration.

Graham Gawley went to the home of his ex’s new partner late one evening and repeatedly stabbed him with a kitchen knife, shouting “I’m going to kill you”. The victim suffered multiple cuts and slashes to his arms and body, but despite his injuries managed to push Gawley outside and with the help of a neighbour they restrained him.

Gawley pleaded guilty at Chelmsford Crown Court and was originally sentenced to 3 years in prison.

The Solicitor General said:

This was a sustained attack on the victim and he was very fortunate not have been caused more severe injury. I hope that the increased sentence brings him some comfort.

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Press release: National Park Authorities, Broads Authority and AONB Conservation Boards appointments

Environment Secretary Michael Gove makes appointments to the National Park Authorities, the Broads Authority and an AONB Conservation Board.

Appointments to England’s National Park Authorities, the Broads Authority and the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Conservation Board have been made by Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Michael Gove.

National Park Authority members have a primary responsibility to ensure that the Authority furthers the statutory purposes of the Park. Ten members have recently been appointed for four-year terms (ending June 2021) on the following National Park Authorities and Broads Authority:

  • Broads Authority: Bruce Keith
  • Dartmoor: Peter Harper and Mark Simpson
  • Lake District: Michael Carter
  • New Forest: Gavin Parker, Patrick Heneghan and David Bence
  • Northumberland: Chris Mullin and Pippa Ross
  • Peak District: James Berresford

Additional information regarding the members listed will be made available on the individual Authority websites found here.

Secretary of State Members on AONB Conservation Boards have a primary responsibility to ensure that the Conservation Board furthers the statutory AONB purposes as set out in the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000.

Three members have recently been appointed for three-year terms (ending June 2020) to the Cotswolds AONB Conservation Board:

  • Simon King
  • Daniel Szor
  • Brendan McCarthy

Additional information regarding the Cotswold AONB Conservation Board members is available on the Cotswolds AONB website.

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News story: Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) launches new online services

We’ve introduced new digital services for you to use. We know that you’d like more online services, which will improve our processing times and help you manage your information quickly and easily.


Our new online barring system is now available.

Employers and organisations can submit barring referrals online by registering to create an online account with DBS. A DBS account will also enable you to manage your barring referrals online and share information with DBS through our secure government platform.

In addition, anyone who has been referred to DBS can now set up an account to communicate confidentially with us about their case.

Basic criminal record checks

If you need a basic criminal record check for a job in England and Wales or for personal reasons and you live in England and Wales you’ll be able to apply direct to DBS for a basic check from January 2018. As part of the online application you’ll need to prove your identity through GOV.UK Verify. You can also apply now for a check through a Responsible Organisation, which is a third party registered with DBS.

If you need a basic criminal record check for a job in Scotland or for personal reasons and you live in Scotland you’ll be able to apply direct to Disclosure Scotland, who will continue to process basic criminal record checks for Scotland.

A basic criminal record check shows unspent convictions. Anyone can apply for a basic criminal record checks. Many employers also use them as part of the recruitment processes. If you’re self-employed you can also apply for a basic check.

Standard and enhanced criminal record checks

Also in 2018 we’ll be introducing online standard and enhanced checks for employers and organisations. The system will allow you to:

  • register to create an online account with DBS
  • manage DBS check applications online
  • track the progress of DBS applications online and do status checks

These checks are needed for certain roles, especially when working with children and vulnerable adults.

We’ll continue to keep you updated about DBS online services over the coming months.

Use our eligibility tool to find out which criminal record check is right for you.

GOV.UK email alerts

You can sign up for GOV.UK alerts, which will notify you of any updates to our web content. Go to the DBS homepage and click on the email icon under the ‘Latest’ box.

You’ll be asked for an email address to create a subscription, and can choose how often you’d like to be alerted when DBS publishes web updates.

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Press release: New PHE figures show decline in HIV diagnosis rates

The decrease in HIV diagnoses in gay and bisexual men represents the most exciting development in the UK HIV epidemic in the last 20 years, when effective treatment became widely available.

Commenting on the figures, Dr Valerie Delpech, Head of HIV Surveillance at Public Health England, said:

This is very good news. It is the first time since the beginning of the HIV epidemic in the 1980s that we have observed a decline in new HIV diagnoses among gay and bisexual men, and is clear evidence that HIV prevention efforts are working in the United Kingdom.

Our success in reducing transmission is due to high levels of condom use among gay men, and a sharp rise in the number of men testing for HIV each year, with those at greatest risk testing more frequently. Early diagnosis is also key to making sure that people benefit from HIV treatments so they can live long and healthy lives and are protected from passing on the virus to others.

With continued investment in testing and diagnosis, the decline in HIV infection which has taken place for gay and bisexual men in London can be replicated in other parts of the country and in all those at higher risk of HIV. HIV testing enables diagnosis and the opportunity for treatment which not only means people can live long, healthy lives but also provides reassurance that the virus cannot be passed on.

It is easy to get tested for HIV. Testing is freely available through GP surgeries, local hospitals and sexual health clinics as well as on self-sampling and self-testing (see NHS Choices for further information). As well as getting tested, using a condom with new or casual partners protects against HIV and other STIs.

  1. The HIV in the UK health protection report and annual HIV data tables comprise the number of HIV diagnoses, late HIV diagnoses and numbers accessing HIV care. Data can be interrogated and analysed at local authority level via an online tool allowing a range of outputs to be generated.

  2. The December 2016 edition of Health Matters, PHE’s resource for local authorities and health professionals focuses on increasing HIV testing.

  3. The HIV home sampling service offers an alternative to traditional testing offered by GPs and sexual health clinic. Visit www.freetesting.hiv to find out more about the HIV home-sampling test kit.

  4. PrEP Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), has been a contributory factor in the downturn in new diagnoses in gay and bisexual men. Previous trials such as the PROUD trial have shown that HIV PrEP is clinically effective, dependent on drug adherence, and that risk behaviours and other STI infection rates did not increase. PHE is supporting NHS England in the 3 year PrEP Impact Trial beginning in October 2017. PHE helped finalise the trial design, governance, recruitment and drug procurement processes of the Impact Trial and will continue to be an active and committed partner during its running.

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News story: World Space Week: International Partnership Programme (IPP)

The IPP is a £152 million programme, designed to partner UK space expertise with overseas governments and organisations.

In 2017 more than £70 million in funding has already been allocated to projects in partnership with the UK space industry, applying inventive satellite solutions to a range of areas such as deforestation, illegal fishing, marine pollution, disaster recovery, drought and flooding.

Later this year the Agency will announce which projects are to receive a share of a further £50 million to tackle more global challenges

Graham Turnock, Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency, said:

“World Space Week is about celebrating the contributions of space science and technology to improving life on Earth, which is what our International Partnership Programme is all about.

“The primary aim of IPP is to make a positive, practical impact on the lives of those living in developing countries. We do this by using space solutions to solve their specific challenges, partnering with end users in the developing countries and increasing their capacity to respond to those challenges.”

So far this year 22 projects have been selected to provide solutions for local issues in countries across Africa, Asia and Central and South America. All of the projects will have a long-term sustainable impact in the country they are working with, which is a vital element of IPP.

The IPP is part of the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), which aims to support cutting-edge research and innovation that addresses the challenges faced by developing countries.

You can find out more from the latest IPP brochure.

World Space Week runs from 4 October to 10 October.

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