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Recording of the week: Kébendo Jazz

This week’s selection was prepared by Dr Graeme Counsel, the archivist for the Syliphone record label digitisation project funded by the Endangered Archives Programme. Kébendo Jazz were one of Guinea’s greatest orchestras, super-stars when many groups, such as Bembeya Jazz, were still in their infancy. Adapted from an ancient Mandé… read more

Recording of the week: Toscanini conducts Elgar

This week’s selection comes from Kevin Lemonnier, Preservation Audio Engineer. This is the only known recording in existence of Arturo Toscanini (1867-1957) conducting the BBC Symphony Orchestra performing Elgar’s Introduction and Allegro Op. 47. The performance took place during the 1937 London Music Festival and was privately recorded off broadcast,… read more

Recording of the week: Sparkie Williams the talking budgerigar

This week’s selection comes from Cheryl Tipp, Curator of Wildlife and Environmental Sounds. Sparkie Williams was a prize-winning talking budgerigar, renowned for his impressive vocabulary of over 500 words, sayings and rhymes. In 1958 he was crowned top bird in the BBC’s International Cage Word Contest which turned him into… read more