Good news for industrial investment in post Brexit UK


As we are constantly hearing cautionary remarks from trade bodies, from the motor industry and sometimes even from companies like Airbus about their future in the UK as manufacturers, it might be a good time to examine what they are actually doing rather than listening to remarks which become highly spun and negative.

Toyota has announced a £240 million investment at Burnaston and will make its new Auris model there.
Nissan is going ahead with a 20% increase in its production capacity in Sunderland. It is also planning to raise the proportion of UK manufactured components used from 40% to 80%. This is important for rules of origin under WTO rules and is in line with government policy to encourage a higher local sourced percentage.
Aston Martin announced its new factory in St Athan’s before the referendum but has since confirmed it and announced deals with Japan and China to underpin the expansion. That second factory will make a new model.
Airbus has carried on with its investment and said it is still “very highly committed to the UK” whilst also pressing for a close future relationship with the EU
Siemens has announced a £200 million new plant for Goole in Yorkshire to make trains. In December 2016 after the vote it also committed £310 m to a wind turbine blade plant in Hull.

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