An alternative to the Communist party Manifesto

  1. Everyone one an owner – widen ownership of property and shares
  2. Lower rates of tax to encourage work and reward employees
  3. Breaking up state ownership and returning it to families – sale of Council houses and sales of shares in state enterprises
  4. Encouraging individual ension savings, backed by a system of National Insurance
  5. Abolition of exchange controls and conduct of a supportive money policy, with competing commercial  banks
  6. Denationalisation and promotion of competition in industry
  7. Introducing  broader freer markets to allow choice and fair exchange. Encourage easy small business formation.
  8. Attack high state debt levels through debt reduction and debt swap programmes
  9. Define the state’s role in providing for law and order, welfare and defence
  10. Free education and health care for all

This was the outline of my Popular Capitalist Manifesto. It was taken up by some of the Eastern European countries when they broke from the Soviet Union, and was translated for re publication.

It appears we need to win these arguments all over again given the relentless drift of the Labour party towards nationalisation, punitive taxation and a dislike of ownership and choice.

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