Women Empowerment Fund established today (with photos)


     The Women Empowerment Fund was officially launched today (June 8). The Financial Secretary, Mr Paul Chan, and the Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs, Miss Alice Mak, officiated at the launching ceremony of the Fund.
     Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Chan said that the Government attaches great importance to supporting women's development. After the Chief Executive announced in the 2022 Policy Address the establishment of the Fund, the Government has set aside $100 million in this year's Budget to strengthen support for women's development. This provision will be injected into the Fund to subsidise women's organisations and relevant non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to further facilitate women's development of their own potential and self-enhancement. The Fund will also help with child care to meet the need of working women.

     He said, "I congratulate the official launch of the Fund. I wish every woman could unleash their full potential and shine at different positions and live a fruitful life."
     Miss Mak encouraged women's organisations and relevant NGOs to apply for and make good use of the Fund to organise programmes conducive to women's development so as to achieve women empowerment.
     She said, "In future, the Government will continue to work with members of the community to provide an enabling environment for women and inspire more women to advance at the forefront of the times and to become builders of the great cause, advocates of civic virtues and followers of their own dreams."
     Also officiating at the reception were the Permanent Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs, Ms Shirley Lam, and the Chairperson of the Women's Commission, Ms Chan Yuen-han.
     The Fund aims to empower women, regardless of their age, occupation and background, to unleash their full potential in their respective roles. The Fund is divided into general projects and thematic projects. The funding cap of each one-year and two-year general project is $400,000 and $800,000 respectively. For thematic projects this year, namely the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Exchange Programmes, each project shall be completed within one year and the funding cap is $120,000.

     The Fund accepts two rounds of applications each year, and is now open for the first round of application. The Guide to Application and the application form have been uploaded to the thematic website (www.wef.gov.hk). Women's organisations and NGOs may submit applications on or before July 7.

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