Will Wokingham Borough take some pride in our neighbourhood?


When I was out about last week end doing one of my usual visits around the constituency I was saddened to see the neglect and damage being done to our environment by the Council.

I started at Shute End. There were cobwebs over the main entrance to the Borough offices. On the lefthand side glass there were two side remnants of some red poster sticking to the window where most  of the poster had been ripped off. The garden borders were overgrown with weeds in front of the buildings.

As I made my way there were countless yellow  diversion signs on roads. Some were badly positioned. None told you where they were diverting you from or to. The one by the Woosehill roundabout was partly missing and hanging off a rusty metal frame at a lopsided angle.

I visited California Crossroads over my boundary. The contractors are installing expensive yellow bricks, which will doubtless shift position and discolour badly where cars are driven over them. Clearly the Lib Dems are out to paint the Borough yellow in as many ways as possible.

I found several pavements where the hedgerows overhang and had  not been clipped back. Road drains are often blocked causing excessive water across roads when it rains. Grass goes unmowed. The potholes grow and grow.

Why will the Council not take a pride in our place? Why will they not carry out proper maintenance?

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